Logic Pro X – Full Walkthrough

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Check out the new Logic Pro X here with my full in-depth walkthrough. I go over every instrument included in Logic Pro X as well as demonstrate all the new effects and features.

If you want a quicker overview check out my “Quick Look” video here: http://youtu.be/69B0zxs93bo

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dope zebra says:

How much does is it exactly

David EMz says:

Extremely helpful. Thank you!

boldnbright17 says:

Is it a one time payment of $200 or yearly payment?

Depression to Expression says:

Just bought and this helped so much

Philip Santori says:

What is the keyboard under your monitor?

Keith Nolan says:

Hi….I am a total noob to logic i just switched from FL i have encountered a problem and i was wondering could somebody help . Basically i have made a sound on serum that i am going to use in a layer for a lead . I wanted to use serum again for my next layer and when i go to change anything on the new serum the changes occur on my first serum. I was wondering could anybody help ? thanks in advance 🙂

Producción y Arreglos musicales says:


TO.C MUSIC says:

not nice

tylerdurden9803 says:

I can’t use Logic Pro. I can’t even make a bassline. I guess music production isn’t for me. I’ll stick to laying on the couch waiting to die.

mrbsred1 says:

Being completely new to the mac world of music production; I found this so useful. Thaks you! Sorry to say but yo’re levels are far too high for logic and far too low for your voice. Everything else is spot-on.

Ayoub Africano Production says:

thank you so mutch this is very helpful

Dave Chmela says:

I’m a MIDI writer, can you tell me what kind of event windows it has, and DOES IT HAVE ANY SMPTE CONNECTIONS? What interface do you need to get external keys going, and do you ever use external sound modules? Thank You.

John Ross says:

Thanks for your video. Great summary. I had a quick question. When I open a software Instrument plugin, Logic X defaults to opening a piano instrument and a couple of busses. I don’t want this. Every time, I have to select “reset channel strip” to remove the automatic bus assignments and the instrument. Is there a setting so the software instrument loads up as a blank channel strip. Thanks for your help.

gibsonplayer8 says:

Hi,  In the audio track section on the left hand side, I can see Stereo Out, above that is Send, abovethat is Audio FX, then Input 1 the EQ. I Cannot select the “Settings” icon because it is covered by something called “Track:Audio 1”  I cannot not move this section out of the way to view Settings.  Can anyone help me out?

Andreas Hoppe says:

THank you!!!

Bryson Ruud says:

are you using a keyboard?

HaZexHD says:

i cant figure out how to use my maschine pad with logic 🙁

Inspiration Life says:


Ishan Kumar says:

Nick Thanks alot for the walk through……..could u also please tell about the processing threads, process buffer range, maximum scrub speed,scrub response(path: logic pro X/preferences/audio/devices/……)

Ma Nu says:

How can i split the drum instrument in its parts? So that I have a Track for each snare, bass, hi hat and so on.

BlackHolePrd says:

 thanks for the vid. really helped a lot. how do install 3rd party instruments on a mac into logic pro x?????

All Clickbank Products says:

thanks for the tutorial bro.. this is going to be my first time ever using logic, I started with FL studios and currently using reason 7 but I see Logic has some amazing sounds and pluggins!

Dave Bakker says:

thanks, this was just what i needed, i have 10+ years into ProTools and just want to learn basic Logic.
Tip: don’t use keyboard shortcuts in your tutorial. A few times a window opens up and I had no idea what keys you pressed – took a while to figure out. Just use the menus or click on the icons…otherwise awesome tutorial thanks.

gibsonplayer8 says:

Disregard my last question, thanks.

Freddy Fox says:

Pls come follow me i make remakes of the songs that you guys love

MarshallC3media says:

is this an actual upgrade from Logic 9? Or is it the same as Final Cut Pro X and it’s a consumer grade “pro” app? Been wanting to go back to Mac OS for Final Cut 7 and I miss working in Logic. 

Taylor Tech says:

In case anyone here is a beginner, I create Logic Pro X tutorials on my channel if you need any help! 🙂

Garnet Bey says:

Can logic be used offline????

Kareem Brkh. says:

Can please someone tell me why does every big producer (like Steve Aoki , Firebeatz , Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ) use Logic Pro 9 instead of X ? Is it better ?

Jace Cavacini says:


hazey pig says:

how do i reopen like the keyboard. because when ever i try to use my keyboard to play an chord and bunch of shit just pops up.???

Larry Tate says:

What’s more user friendly for a beginner between this and studio one?

Silas Jordan says:

uh and stuff.

Cipri Ciprian says:

i hooked a Roland TD30 to my mac laptop and logic pro x didn’t recognize it.. i wasn’t able to record using the Roland TD30 as a foftward controller… can you explain me how can i set up a Roland TD30 to work with logic pro x?

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