Logic Pro X Importing Songs for Remixes

Logic Pro X Importing Songs for Remixes
http://logicprox.net – Go here for more detailed tutorials – Free Signup

My workflow when I start importing songs to remix inside Logic Pro

How to import and match the tempo of your project

How to detect and tag a song’s BPM

How to keep library organized with iTunes and iTunes Match

How to make the song’s tempo match the project http://logicprox.net – Go here for more detailed tutorials – Free Signup


Daniel Condon says:

My iTunes files don’t even play when I drag them in. Neither do the built in loops, do you know why?

Kyle Flower says:

To find ‘functions’ guys you got to preferences > advanced then tick the audio box.. go back to what you were doing and you’ll see things have changed. Click on the newly appeared ‘file’ tab and you’ll see ‘functions’ smiling at ya. 🙂

Vardon Reyes says:

How do you load a song into the keyboard lay so that when you press certain key it plays a part of the song for the duration that you hold the key etc etc can anyone please help with this. thank you

AbsoluteMashups says:

my songs have like a padlock on them so i can’t drag them around. do you know how to unlock it or drag it around?

Matthew Ragona says:


IgniteRespire22 says:

or file option sorry*

Elizabeth Rodriquez says:

I like the remix of stested out

cheyne fritts says:

Wow….. good job stealing other peoples music for personal gain. The only thing I learned from this was that you are a fucking idiot.

Rheem L'Amin says:

Good job Guy. Thanks.

240p the Producer says:

Magna Carta!

Shane Fontane says:

lol monkey humping a football

Emirhan Erdogan says:

changing tempo and matching it to another song shouldn’t be that hard come on APPLE !!

BlakkoutVideos says:

When I Process & Paste in Time & Pitch Machine it changes my project tempo to original tempo of song I’m editing so my songs don’t match up…

PreY0205 says:

is it possible to avoid the “wiggling” when the song has been stretched?

PurveyCatz says:

OMG HI! i literally love this 🙂 thanks

abhishek yadav says:

Name of that second track?

Grant DJ says:

what did i just watch? leanren nothing from that lol

Oriana Diaz says:

Hello there, Thank you for the tutorial. However, for some reason I can not find the “Time and Pitch Machine” option under “Functions” any idea why? I have logic Pro X

Michael Fandetti says:

My brother, you’ve left out a few chunks of information, I had to search far and wide after watching your video on how to access the Time & Pitch Machine. This is done by pressing command 6, then going to functions and it should be in that drop list. From there, you set the original tempo of the track and then the new tempo under destination.

However, your video was very helpful otherwise. Thanks!

Sally FitzGibbons says:

why are they gray and not playing

Jean gabriel says:

soooooo boring

R K says:

You need to explain stuff more

ejectiveify says:

dude its the same as 9 lol including the shortcuts and time machine in the same place :DDD u get confused quickly

Beach Club Media says:

when i click on the track, the menus “file” and “track” (on screen at 6:17) don’t show up. do you know why or how i can fix this?

IgniteRespire22 says:

there isnt a track option when i click dub click on the track so i cant find the the tempo and pitch change. any idea?

Richard Marlin says:

I learned something. Thanks

Sam C says:

Why do you have kidz bop gangnam. :I

Moose says:

Your colours are fucked mate

Laurence Moynihan says:

you lost me at jason derulo

scharikgan smalls says:

just show how its done!!! long winded AF

Demi Hunt says:

I don’t have beat detection on my Logic Pro x?? what do I do to change bpm?

Maze Rockwell says:

at 6:25 when your finding the time and pitch machine, how do you get to it? All I have is an Edit and View tab on that toolbar, I do not have a Functions one…

Chill The Mind says:

i want to make my remix with this file project
can i get it please?

Maestro Claudio says:


Bobby Machete says:

Doesn’t sound like you did anything at all.

Distance of a storm says:

what song?

BlinKFaN1996 says:

The “Function” button isnt in teh same spot as you, any idea on how to get it to appear?

Jordan King says:

I’m getting to grips with ‘X’ but in regards to all your questions about missing buttons etc. Try changing the  Logic Pro preferences to simple / advanced layouts.
Haven’t tried it myself but saw a vid on the subject. JK

Ryan Sheppard says:

the Tom Ford remix goes in hard

Samaslamajama13 says:

It took me 3 seconds to import an audio file, thanks for wasting my time

Sally FitzGibbons says:

I need help! need music for wedding by next sat.  I used youtube mp3 converter to make youtube video into mp3  want to edit these mp3 in logic   they won’t play can you help me

tommyguntattoos says:

ita ok i had to enable it in pref/ advanced tool and select audio

Baekhyunnie ASMR says:

I literally could not sit here and listen to you fumble on your words and get all timid. Make it good, or don’t do it at all.

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