Logic Pro X in 5 Easy Steps | Beginner’s Starter Guide

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In this new Logic Pro X overview, I show you the 5 easy steps required to get yourself around Logic Pro X.

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Logic Pro X is the leading Digital Audio Work Station for Apple Mac users and it’s used across professional studios and bedrooms worldwide.

NOTE: This course is for Mac users only and you must have access to Logic Pro X and an Apple Mac to use it.

This course is an introduction to Music Production in Logic Pro X. You’ll learn the basics of this software that’s used by professional producers today.

This course will quickly cover topics such as Software Instruments, Recording Audio, Plugins, The Mixer and Automation.

What you’ll learn in this course will allow you to understand the basics of Music Production in Logic Pro X.

Learn to love Logic Pro X and make music with it.

Course Goals :-

• Learn the Basics of Software Instruments and MIDI
• Know How to Record Audio
• Learn how use Plugins in Logic Pro X
• Learn how use the basics of the mixer in Logic Pro X
• Learn how use Automation in Logic Pro X

Below is the times for the different lectures in this course :-

0:00 – 0:32 Introduction and what you are going to Learn in this video
0:32 – 13:15 Step 1, Software Instruments and MIDI
13:15 – 18:50 Step 2, Recording Audio
18:50 – 26:42 Step 3, Plugins
26:42 – 33:10 Step 4, The Mixer
33:10 – 40:32 Step 5, Automation
37:35 – 40:25 Exporting and What’s Next?

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Thank you for watching this video and I hope you found it useful.



fjvelazquezfv says:

Can you give a tutorial on how to set up the midi controler or a keyboard that has midi out please?

Matt Jackson says:

i havnt got logic x yet beacsue im just starting out on garage band, but this really helped becasue im new to this and i found myself getting lost strght away producing

j says:

hello how do you copy and paste midi notes ? do you just hold command and c and command and v ? please help thanks

fjvelazquezfv says:

Or if I buy a midi controler like yours how can I set it up? Pleeeease!!! I’ll appreciate that!!
Thank you!!!

PacVac says:

Hello, great video, but when i plug in my MIDI (mpk mini) there is no sounds. when I press on the keys it shows in logic pro that something is registering, but i don’t hear any sound.Also when I bring up the keyboard in logic pro itself and click with my mouse there is no sounds, so it is not just my MIDI. I have tried restarting and looking it up but am coming up short. Thanks!

JMM Mays says:

Great Video, very simple thanks. I have a silly question perhaps, but can you tell me how to change the tempo?

Laurie Moakes says:

Extremely helpful, went through loads of videos but non of them really showed it from a beginners perspective,, really appreciate the upload.

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