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Neil Raouf says:

c’mon guys. it is WORTH IT to get the X????
I am very happy with the 9……

Lona Muziq says:

good song

Jeff Dayton says:

Great video. Thanks for the real world look at something I had nearly decided against with the preconceived notion that a program that inexpensive must be less pro than one costing two or three times more. I’ll be looking into more of your vids. Thanks from Nashville and a former 14 year Sonar user.

Mattm1021 says:

Thank you for stepping outside of your comfort zone and uploading a Logic Pro video. I’ve followed your channel for over a year now; and, as a fellow educator, I can’t express my gratitude for your theory/philosophy-driven approach to recording, mixing, and mastering. I’m sure I am preaching to the choir on this one, but I thoroughly enjoy how your lessons apply to multiple [musical] applications, regardless of the DAW being used. However, now that my nose is nice and brown, please upload more LPX lessons. I have never worked with Pro Tools, nor have I dove into the plug-in market. Luckily, LPX is jam packed with OEM tools. It would be great to have a few lessons detailing the strengths and weaknesses of several “core” plug-ins or mixing techniques, using LPX as the lesson platform. Again, thank you for dedicating the time and hard work that goes into your channel. I look forward to your next video, even if it’s not LPX 🙂

Casey Kittel says:

Let’s see. They went from logic 9 to??? What do you think the x actually means. 10 maybe? Don’t you think apple might mean Logic Pro 10? Great sounding mix by the way – really nice.

George Hypotenuse and the Triangles says:

I am currently using GarageBand for home recordings. Besides the voice pitch feature it has them all. I know 200 bucks is a good price, but i wonder whether I actually need it. As I have most of the really good Logic features for free I ask myself whether some singing practicing wouldn’t save me 200 dollars? Are there other significantly good features? Should I upgrade to Logic? I probably won’t make any money with the music I make, so I don’t know whether its worth it.


You just saved me $200.00. I’m getting Logic Pro x

rawstarmusic says:

Sure is big bang for the bucks. No part is left out, there’s arpeggios and MIDI FX’s, audio FX’s flexing and stretching, amps and pedals and a humongous number of synth’s and instruments, sampler included. All for one price, a bottom price. I have 9 which still has most of it but LPX is awesome. 

Jesse Bruner says:

lol I like how he keeps gushing over the amps and the drummer, even though garage band has all of that and it’s 5 bucks.

Felix Xilef says:

I’m looking for a good music software to create deep house music, but I don’t know which to buy.. Ableton 9 or Logic X
I need help please!

buzzmutt23 says:

Doe’s anyone know how to open Reactor in Logic 10?

drmedwuast says:

DON’T buy Logic Pro X.
I did, and there are so many bugs, it’s not worth the money and your time and nerves.

Official_Emel says:

Just wanna say I love your channel! You are obviously kingdom minded, and it shows in your dedication to excellence and willingness to sow back the knowledge you’ve been given. Thank you and keep em coming!

anwiyayoukhanna says:

I like a lot of things about Logic Pro X’s workspace interface, but there’s three things I don’t like. It is not offered on compact disc, the tools are too graphic based, and most of the third-party plugins do not work on here. I went back to 9.

Jose Luis Castellanos says:

Would love to remix it! 🙂

Matt Man says:

Another cool thing about Logic Pro X Drummer is the “follow” option. You can tell the drummer to follow a track, say guitar or bass and it actually does that. No matter how weird the riff is, odd time signatures etc it does it all. It feels like “talking” to a real drummer, you can tell it how to play things instead of programming them (you can program rhythms if you want to) and it will play it without arguing and to the metronome unlike real drummer 🙂

Mama Time says:

This is my first look at Logic.. and wow! Loving it. Q: Does it offer any new instruments? I write and perform Country music, so i’m looking for new instruments and loops. great review.. thanks

T.U.N.I microstudio says:


Heinie Brian Hartendorp says:

Really insightful 🙂

Dave Francois says:

l love logic pro

Jesse Bruner says:

lol I like how he keeps gushing over the amps and the drummer, even though garage band has all of that and it’s 5 bucks.

Sokolovsky Music says:

Am I the only one who things there is not much information for the 15 minute video? Just amps/pedals, drummer and pitch. And price.

rawstarmusic says:

Now with version 10.1 it’s even better. The Improvements might not be things that Graham uses much like electronic drum machine and MIDI functions but it’s starting to be a really advanced software. The update is of course free.

Ismael Flores says:

u said younginsssss fuck u

DM Kahn says:

I use logic to produce reggae music from the ground up. Logic does everything – it’s great with it’s software instruments , it’s good in mixing as well. for the price point it’s a no brainer!

Chess Ward says:

Extremely helpful plus you were very professional in your presentation. Thank you so much.

DarkPa1adin says:

is there a comparison video between different audio editing software like logic pro x vs avid vs soundforge vs others?

David Bruce says:

Amazing… I ordered a new top of the line 27” iMac, and was bummed I couldn’t use my old Logic Pro 8, but after seeing this video, I’m blown away! And fit only $200 buck?! Amazing. I don’t know how they do it…

New Theory says:

The more graphics the more chance of a crash. People like to see the amp heads and all that because it feels more comfortable and looks cool but in all actuality it weighs your system down. I have found programs like Reaper still to be the most stable because they don’t have all the graphics with the plug ins. 

Steven Quiry says:

Logic is pretty much the way to go! We use it exclusively and 20+ albums and movie soundtracks later we have no complaints.

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