Logic Pro X STUTTER EFFECT Tutorial (EASY)

How to Chop and Stutter Vocals in Logic Pro X

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In this video i will teach you the easiest way to stutter vocals in Logic Pro X. This vocal effect is done by chopping vocal tracks and duplicating. Enjoy!

– Crab Lord

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TriStateMusik says:

Crab Lord finding his sound! Killing it!

Reece T ii says:

Rip dusty

Gaza Worl ́Boss says:

Bro wtf.. U Videos always fire but this one is bullshit

Lil Tyrone Jr says:

Do u edit people’s songs like the tunes to make them sound professional if they pay?

J. Vin Official says:

this mans at 20k.. may the 4th be with you


Can you do a video on writing lyrics ? I been wanting to make more music but everything I write I hate then I get frustrated and just stop.. I need help lol

Vince Vang says:

The best parts are in the freestyles. My sides!

TGM DaPrince says:

Make a video on how to master entire song before bouncing project

Jesse Pinkman says:

Do how to rewind voices tutorial like j Cole did in FRIENDS

Put Sol says:

fire let’s collab

Jeremy Austing says:


Kevin Clark says:

Show a easy way to slow down or speed up beats!

xLevix says:

2:59 lol

Shaeto says:

do tory lanez miss

Constant Slewe says:

lol sorry but the stutter sound effect sounds wack, I love the song thoo keep it uppp

Itz Chris Gaming says:

I saw you on a soundcloud playlist. It was called new artists you need to hear or something. But i was like, nah fam i have already heard this guy. Congrats

WockAdimi says:

a video on mixing and mastering the volumes on all the tracks would be super helpful thanks <3

Made Pranata says:

Yo Crab can you make a video on how to remove background noise in Logic Pro X…please.

Dane Campbell says:

Can we have a ‘HOW TO SOUND LIKE CRABLORD – BUTTERFLIES’ please haha

Jesse Pinkman says:

What beat is that it goes hard

AndArctic says:

Recreate “bargain” by aftertheparty. That song is absolutely unreal

TheBeastlyAFG says:


Jorge Pou says:

make a video showing the effects u used to sound like this

ZayTM says:

Crab God!!!


Nessly – bed bugs

6godsage says:

just found ur channel and im fucking hooked, imma cop the same shit u got i just need my money right gonna take a month or two but this entire summer im gonna grind OD. and i binge watched like 15 vids man, it all made me really happy cus its all the shit i was trying learn…. mannnn im excited, do roy woods/amir obe vocals please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! senpai

CEEZ says:

Lil peep- hellboy vocal effect

Obey Isaac says:

Thank you Brotha! I appreciate it ❤️ biggest supporter for you

MrMakem Sayoow says:

Crablord, you still doing the $20 mixes?

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