Logic Pro X – Track Stacks Tutorial

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Just bought Logic Pro X and don’t know what “Track Stacks” are? Check it out here in this quick step-by-step tutorial!
Track Stacks are actually just aux tracks but it turns out that the new functionality makes it super easy and fast to create. The technology behind it is old, but the new way to do it rocks!

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Nick Murray says:

just drag it right in. super easy.

AngrySoup says:

Arrrrgggg. How do I add NEW track into an already existing track stack?

nabila el-farissi says:

i know that it sound stupid i am dyslexic and i dont know how to use the progamme on how to play the sounds i am just starting out on logic pro 10 and i am willing to learn but it hard for me to understand what everything is and what they are

Ikenna FuNkEn says:

Can u do stacks within a stack??

Jono Rezzillo says:

Great Tut Nick Thanks again…very simply explained too

Scott Pontillo says:

I just bought Logic and I am an Abelton master and this option has been available forever. I think I made a mistake buying Logic. Are there any reasons that Logic is different or better than Abelton?

berherbi says:

super tutorial thx , very good !

Techs in the City says:

Nick.. as always… U da best everrrrr !!! .. can I say one thing.. if I may ?… your beats are very loud as… compared to your Vox… I do heaps late … just pops out there loud… but pls dont take this as a dis k…. just keep up the super awesome work… U are my guide….. Thanks again mate 🙂

Nick Murray says:

i dont remember sorry

jim kassius says:

how do u save track stacks?

DJSexyTown says:

Thanks! Your videos are really helpful!

Nick Murray says:

Hey guys! I have started a DAILY VLOG dedicated to music production, samples, plugin reviews, composition, music business, etc. Please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and check out the playlist here: http://bit.ly/2biKLl6

MrPetepetepete says:

Thanks for the video. I can’t for the life of me find out how you load a track stack after saving it. Do i have to create an auxiliary channel & then load it from within that channel strip? or is there an easier way. Thanks in advance.

Ryan Frost says:

Hey Nick, great video, I just tried it and the answer to your question around 4:18 is because the first track you highlighted was the Glass Bowl which is numbered “4” on the side. It always labels it after the first track you highlight.

Thanks for the tips.

das licht says:

When I try to save a track stack the restored preset will only restore the sum track itself but not the containing tracks why ?

Nick Murray says:

thanks rohan – it’s just from Ikea 🙂 easy!

Duwayne A. Wright says:

How do you add a track to an existing stack?

will will says:

Came here to find the difference between Folder and summing, ended up relaxing to your voice over. 😀

Franklin Wallace says:

Great video! In the future do you mind turning up your mic and/or the music down? Music gets a little loud but I can’t hear what you say well. 🙂

Rohan Joseph says:

Do you know which model so I can look it up? Thanks for replying!

Scott Pontillo says:

Except the EQ

bejeeber says:

Thanks Nick,

Okinawa Japan says:

This is exactly what I was wanting to set up. And you already had a video. Nice.

Rohan Joseph says:

Thanks Nick – really nice tutorial! Can you do one on how to use multi-timbral instruments like Kontakt/Omnisphere efficiently using track stacks?

I also love your setup a lot. Can you tell me what desk that is? I would love to be able to use my 88 key Motif in a similar way, but have no room for it to be on a desk.

spitshinekid says:

i tried to stack 3 ultrabeat tracks and the summing option was grayed out. it only seems to work on different instruments but not ultrabeat + ultrabeat

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