Logic Pro X Tutorial – Beginners

Mike Angelo explains the basics of how to use Logic Pro X to beginners in this helpful tutorial.

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Rafael parra says:

i know im late to this video but how do you get pluggins? also are pluggins like other companies that make different instuments that can be played on the daw? like if i want a guitar pluggin?

Joey bebeh says:

finally not some faggot promoting wack music, goood looks for the tut

I see clouds collective says:

How do you scale down the font size like this? In Logic Pro X at my macbook, everything looks much larger and is not easy to use. Thanks in advance!

Rahul Kedar says:

how to download the logic pro plzzzzzzzzzzz give tha answer

TheBoiJosh says:

its so soft

Katharyn Gambill says:

Thank you for uploading this! I love your videos 🙂

Robin Jennings says:

Really helpful thanks but I don’t want to use it for recording but for live performance. How do I compile a list of sounds and then move between them in sequence during the show?

softwarevideo says:

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Sherlanko 402 says:

So with the different tracks being set to a certain input. Does that affect the way that you hear the music or is it just? What does it do?

ullu banati says:

I want to ask you that how to use built in mik

ShameCoTV says:

what does sending them to ‘Bus’ mean?


Thank you for your help with this program

BlazertronGames says:

Jeffe Kaale sent me here!

Torganzer says:

is this like garageband but more better?
if so then ide perhaps have a clue on how to use it as its mechanics are very similar to garageband

Mads J says:

Hi Mike! Nice video.
Why can’t I see the boesendofer grand piano and the yamaha grand piano in my logic pro x?

logictemplates com says:

killer work subs.

Daivd Otk says:

whats a subgroup?

Charles Leax says:

Finally a good video, really focusing on the fundamental things without going to much in details or mess it up. Great overview of what really matters.

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