Logic Pro X Tutorial (Everything You Need to Know)

Learn how to get started in Logic Pro X and finish your first track.

Download the free Logic Pro X cheat sheet: https://www.musicianonamission.com/logic-cheat-sheet/

00:29 – Interface
01:26 – Top Interface
04:19 – Main/Project View
06:35 – MIDI/Piano Roll
07:22 – Drummer/Software Instruments
08:40 – Loops
09:24 – Manipulating Audio Clips
10:19 – Cycle Tool
10:46 – Virtual Keyboard
11:26 – Piano Roll cont.
12:57 – Looping
13:21 – Recording A Track
14:11 – Mixing
16:39 – Signal Flow
17:27 – Wrap-Up

Welcome to this Logic Pro X tutorial for beginners!

In this video, you’ll learn the basics of the software at a beginner level. I’m going to lay this all out and make this as easy as possible so you have no problem getting started.

So, if you want to feel more confident with Logic Pro X, watch now.

This is a great piece of software. You can do SO MUCH with just the stock plugins that come with Logic. Even if you’re an absolute beginner, getting started is easy.

When it comes to home recording, setting up channels is easy. In the video, I show you how to create audio channels to start recording in seconds.

Or maybe you want to use MIDI and virtual instruments. Logic Pro is known for being super easy to work with when it comes to MIDI. Again, I show you every step in the video. We dive deep into the piano roll editor too.

Then, once you have finish writing and recording your track, its time to edit. Editing is also easy – once you know how to use the tools that come with Logic.

Next is mixing. Thanks to the stock plugins, you can produce studio-level mixes without buying any additional software or plugins. Sure, getting premium plugins helps, but only AFTER you’re already making music that sounds great.

Last but not least, mastering is also easy inside the software. You have all the plugins you need, like EQ, compression and a limiter. I don’t dive deep into plugins in this tutorial, but I show you how to get started.

Once you’ve watched this beginner tutorial, leave a comment and let me know what you want to learn about next. I wanted to just give an overview in this video, so I’m happy to dive deeper in future videos.

And while you’re here, be sure to download the free Logic Pro X cheat sheet: https://www.musicianonamission.com/logic-cheat-sheet/

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Ordo ab Chao says:

wich software have you used for edit this video?

Sky Coast says:

Hey. Instead of using a gain plugin to stop clipping, cant you just turn down the volume of the track? Or is there more to it than that?

Liron Zangi says:

thank you very much! it was very helpful to begin and practice. great video

Wizardatwill says:

I have to let you know how much I appreciate you bruh!!
Your free training course open doors for me!! So much value!
Just a simple gain staging adjustments before actually mixing and level matching amongst other tips you discuss, my mixes has JUMPED 200%
Also helping me with the learning curve with logic!
Would it be ok to do a testimonial video paying you some gratitude on helping me and offering training!?
You ROCK bruh and you stay consistent never leaving us hanging!

Randal Scandal says:

Nice work!

Gwen Frederick says:

I really enjoy your video tutorials. I would like to know you YouTube camera setup: what camera and software do you use to film your tutorials and record your screen?

djperryboy says:

Been using FL Studio for many years and whatever DAW I am watching, there seems to be lacking alot of functions in comparison to FL. So simple and ugly. Like this one. Looks like a basic gray picture as background and where is all the buttons and functions? This looks simplier than like.. FL Studio 3 or something.. This may be better than FL Studio Mobile but cannot see alot more functions honestly…

joshr0d says:

i can’t find anything that answers this question so i’m leaving it to the comment section. does anybody know what the best music program is for making 1980’s synthpop music?? bands like depeche mode, new order, etc. thank you

Amare Projects says:

I did everything in your idk I put preference on my yeti idk what’s happening but its not letting me record idk if its the mic or the USB port any suggestions

Horst Lippitsch says:

Great info!! The Master Out i `m using for the gebounced track. Is it right? Thx Master:)

Luis Shalabi says:

this was much needed thank you !

SAS Productions says:

hi i have a problem if anyone can help me please.
when i first open my track in the morning on logic pro x, i click play and the melody and start play fine but when the first kick plays it sounds funny/ different and the other kicks play fine.
i try and play it again to see if it does it again and it doesn’t. its just when i first open up logic.
i think it might be down to ram as i only got 4gb memory.
any suggestions? ive had this before on another track with organ bass melody.

Zac Dior says:

Musician on a mission supplying in addition some tuition!!! Boom when I drop the mic

Chloe Grace says:

Could you make a tutorial on how to properly balance a mix between recorded acoustic instruments and electronically generated effects?

WarlonWinterheart says:

This must be a new speedrun record for logic pro x.

Benii Blanco Beats says:

This the best Tutorial video ever…. straight to the point and basically just what you really need to Learn. Thank you so much for this!!!!

Luis Shalabi says:

Looking forward to this thanks!

Croaky gumps says:

You talk a lot of sense but I’ve unsuscribed from you because you’re too full on with this demo to pro thing…i’ve got no time to get on with my music because of your constant badgering!

Musician on a Mission says:

What topic would you like me to cover in my next Logic Pro X tutorial? Leave a comment!

diamon dave says:

Can’t stand your accent , too bad you can’t speak english.

daniel barnett says:

Recording guitars using logic! https://youtu.be/Da6CjNnbUCM

Harry Jack says:

holy fuck, this video has been helpfull as shit!! thanks..

felton offard says:

I’m a long time Logic user and I found this quite useful. Thank you.

Money MAV says:

Nice video!!!
You helped me out a lot!!

Khawa Jong says:

thanks for your Tutorial . does it have Drum or you have to buy it? i have to use for mantra chanting. do you recommend Logic pro x for yoga music or not sure. please let me know. thanks

MixingGBP says:

What kind of bass did you play? I see it was a Fender Jazz, but was it American, MIM, anything special about it, etc.

Rijul Sharma says:

Great video, subscribed! Thank you so much for doing this efficiently and with such smooth transitions. ✅

Jaime Castañeda says:

I’m about to buy a Mac and I guess I’ll start with garageband, I’ve read how easy it is to transition from garageband to logic, do you recomend sticking with gb for a while or should I upgrade right away?

swee abn says:

Is this for mac only?

Neil Gregson says:

Thank you so so so much for this. I’ve recorded a few things already with Logic but I hadn’t utilised half of the functions you talk about in this video. You’re an absolute gem and I can’t thank you enough for producing content such as this.

nounix 3 says:

Great video! Thanks for this! Can you please tell me how I stop this really annoying & time-consuming “Scanning Audio Units” process EVERY TIME I open the app? It’s crazy that every time I open the app it spends 10-15 minutes re-scanning the audio units!! 🙁 🙁 I’m sure that this is not supposed to be happening every time I open the app…

B BEATS says:

Bro Make a Fl Studio video i bet you will get more views than logic pro videos

Abdulrahman Al.Saeedi says:


Kamil Kisiel says:

Awesome. I love this style of tutorial, just jumping through everything quickly without a lot of needless banter in between.

SuperAvacodo says:

I’m having trouble finding the difference between this and garage band. Genuinely looking for answers

Allan Gildea says:

Thanks Rob, learnt a thing or two! Cheers.

SoBlakk Music says:

go subscriber on my page for more free beats and thank you so much for the love…

Peter Salmon says:

Hi – I am new to Logic Pro X and am interested in knowing why I always get this message when I try to use one of the loops in my project: “Audio file “60s Shuffle Drumset 01.caf” does not have sufficient access privileges. An overview can not be saved!”. It seems to happen to me whenever I open a project that has previously included instrument tracks or loops. My machine is a second hand iMac and the software was pre-loaded so I am worried about infringing copyright laws. Any thoughts?

데니쇼 says:

i have 6 computers

WilliMel says:

I really want to make a French-themed song in garageband, but there is no accordion to use.
Is there an accordion in LogicProX??

entyce66 says:

Great video definitely subbed

daniel wedd says:

Great video mate, thanks for putting it together and sharing!

computermuis says:

As a school project, I need to make a tutorial for this. Thanks for the help because I have no idea what I’m doing

Jose David Sanchez says:

In my logic pro x, i can’t see the list editors button that appears on the right of the video next to the notes. Help please.

Dr. Beehive Swivel says:

You are the greatest teacher on YouTube! What can I do to help. I have subscribed to your website. You have helped me. How can I help?

Louisa Lye says:

I like your tutorial on this. I might have missed it as i’m multitasking, but can you add effects like “church choir” effect etc on Logic Pro X? I’m planning to use this software to record a capella mashes and choral singing. Help please!

David Qwist says:

Very good tutorial, help a lot!

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