Logic Pro X Tutorial – How to Record Drums – Part 1 – (Logic Pro 10)

Logic Pro X Tutorial – How to Record Drums Part 1. I’ve been a long time Logic user and I’ve seen it transition in quite a few different ways. For a while, I owned Logic 6,7,8, Logic Studio (Logic 9), now Logic 10 or Logic X is here! This new version is pretty awesome. I give you the rundown on how to install PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 drivers and setup Logic Pro 10 for recording drums. I think I finally broke my habit of calling it “Logic Studio” after this video. Sorry about that!

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Marc Atkinson says:

Thanks for the great video.  I found this incredibly useful!

thomas reid says:

man you help me out a HOLD lot

Matthew M says:

I recommend new themes to Logic Pro X Themes .

Jay Bowcott says:

this video helped lots! Thanks!

Dan Mooradian says:

Extremely helpful, Thank you!

155moops says:

thanks ..good video!

David Ely says:

Thank you.

ChecoRobles says:

nice video men! i have one question..why im only listen what i record only in the right side of my headphones? my input are 1-2 and my out put are in stereo…i want to record drums with 2 mic one dynamic on de kick and one condenser mic with my steinberg ur22 interface…hope you can help me…thaks!

Steve Whittleton says:

really good video, thanks,,,,and what a setup you have !!

thomas reid says:

very helpful

Big Drummer BlowOut says:

hey man, nice video. quick question for ya. I don’t know if you would know or not but worth a go ey! I use the Roland TD30 for recording. Do you know if its possible to multri track using the module usb or will I need a 16track fireire interface? thanks!

pantomimoistrionic05 says:

well done amazing !!

Marc Camps says:

Hey great video! I have one question about the outputs. I did create the tracks like you did in the video but i don’t know why, logic won’t allow me to change the outputs, I mean, every tracks keeps in stereo. I wanted to be able of making MONO tracks, or at least choose the correct output (my audio interface has 4 outputs), because when I’m rehearsing, I put a mic on a guitar, and pass-it through an M-AUDIO Quad Track interface to logic pro, so I can hear the guitar ok (with isolating headphones). Well, the problem is that I also use a backing track and a vocal mic which have to go to an PA speaker WITHOUT the guitar.
The problem is that all the tracks keep on stereo so every track (including the guitar) go to the speaker, and I want the guitar to go only to my headphones. As I said, my audio interface has 4 outputs, but i can’t change the outputs in logic. I don’t know if I’ve explained properly. Any tips will be appreciated.

Paul Charron says:

Amazing job for this newbie on recording! It’s daunting to start recording as a drummer looking at all the options in the software and you made it logical with a great screen setup allowing us to see you and the details of the screen perfectly. Thank you so much!!!

Ian Monahan says:

Thank you. Super tutorial 

Matheus Moura Drums says:

Thanks a lot man! You really helped me out…
Subscribed on your chanel!

LegionofLoom says:

Thanks man! This a very helpful. Take care.

claude geimer says:

Hello, thank you so much for your clip, it helps me a lot to understand how to record my drums. My question. I am recording with the behringer x32 connected to the logic pro x. I am doing all my mixing in logic and do not use the mixing table. As in your clip, you do not use your mixing table to.? I use the x32 as the input for my drum mics, and recording the other instruments.
Sorry for my english.
Thanks for your help, and thank for this tutorial

Ray Avitia says:

Thank you so much man!

CosmOcean Music says:

Part Deux?!

BenjaminGib says:

Thanks so much for doing all the work in recording and uploading this. Greatly appreciated. I’m really looking into logic X, so this is helping me out a lot.

John Blue says:

Loved your drum sound and tutorial. However had a difficult time following mouse controls during end for saving template — not clear on the navigation routes.

Sound Description says:

Would it be possible to do multiple track recording using a Mackie ProFX12 mixer?

David Osmar says:

this is a great tutorial! Right at 9:00 you “clap” showing signal flow? I’m not sure why but, I do not have any “output”? I did check “Preferences, Audio” and both my Input and Output are showing PreSonus FireStudioProject. Any thoughts on what else I may need to look at?
Best Regards,

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