Logic Pro X Tutorial – Logic Remote iPad App

In this video, I run through the iPad Logic Remote features and give you some use-cases. Thanks for watching!

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Kristian Vågsnes says:

Hi, nice tutorial – One question – If you are sitting outside the control room with the logic remote – recording by yourself – is it possible to move to a specific position in the project? And how do you do that?

44numskull says:

The ability to control Logic from anywhere in your house is so cool. Thanks for the great demo.

Bill Wilkie says:

I’d just use it to arm and record inside a booth.

Ksus Susk says:

mad clipping lol

J. B Millennial says:

yeah but why is the song so gay?

DustApple says:

Is this genuinely a useful app on the iPad?

Andre Freixo says:

is this compatible with logic pro 9? 

John Jones says:

Very good tutorial. Thanx!

Jeremy Sutherland says:

Hey man, I’m enjoying your videos as I try to learn Logic after using only Garageband for a few years. Great job explaining this stuff. Thanks for taking the time to show us!

John Bertotti says:

I have been considering something like an Xtouch from Behringer or learning this Logic app. I am still undecided it does look nice but if I am sitting at the computer anyway I think I would rather have knobs and faders etc instead of the display on an iPad for an interface. Like you mentioned it does seem to have some uses but I am curious do you use a control surface or just work off the computer with a mouse.

Blake Thompson says:

Question: I want to use my iPad remote and record my acoustic piano that is in a different room than my monitor etc… is there anyway to view the wave form so I can punch in and out etc. I have been having to simply keep recording sections and then going to my main computer/ monitor and then splicing them together. I am simply building raw demos I would like to not have to go that extra step. ? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, BT

Ali Elden says:

Hello. I connected my ipad to imac.But when I open ”logic remoted” , İt isn’t works corretly. command is going latency. What can I do? Please help me….!

E.S.P. Studios says:

is it possible to manage this app using my iPad 1st generation 5.1.1?

TheHasselBoff says:

I’d be using this to record my vocals on the other side of my room where my reflexion filter is. My question really is would I be able to view the arrange page on the Ipad so that I can set up a loop to punch in and out from and see where abouts in the track I actually I am, enabling me to record several takes and not have to keep going back to the computer to change where I want to record from? If not i suppose a cheaper option (considering I don’t have an I pad) would be to run a DVI cable to a secondary monitor and view it there and just have a wireless mouse and keyboard to do any editing. What are your thoughts?

Keith Lightbody says:

how to split tracks into instrumental and vocal from original tracks

LotionMedia WebDesign says:

Always like your Videos!

Robert K. Wolf says:

Terrific tutorial.  Thanks!

Dylan Turbulence says:

Good clear explanation dude! Thanks

Milad Broghani says:

how do you connect it to you iMac?

Kirk LeBlanc says:

Awesome video Mitch, thanks for explaining the practical uses of the remote feature. From what I gathered it does look very tricky but to be able to play back on other systems is gold. 

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