Logic Pro X Tutorial | Ultrabeat

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Gary Saintz says:


TheOfficialCasso says:

I bought my macbook pro with Logic pro x pre installed, but i can’t find Ultrabeat. Neither others Plug-ins that are supposed to be included in logic (for example ES2, or Sculpture).
Where are they located? or am i supposed to download them/extra content?

From The East says:

How can I change a kick for example, that’s part of a drum kit, into a sample that I have on my hd?

ALAN says:

I am a big music fan and wanted to start making simple music as a hobby, just to get a feel for it and beats have been my downfall. cant seem to keep anything in time. This is the best tutorial of Ultrabeat so far

K DYNMT says:

he said letter 1

gfink2 says:

Can you drop in multi-rhythmic fills in the middle of these? Or does that require creating a second pattern and editing between the two?

PipeGameWeak says:

how do you play it ?

SeraphimsChannel says:

Thank you! 🙂 Lovely calm voice which taught me way more than what I came here for in the first place!

StevenCharlesJazz says:

Why do you say to go to your website for “all of your free Logic Pro training videos”, when they’re only free if you pay $25 a month?

Abdel Ouedraogo says:

perfect thksss

Daniel Jordão says:

Where I can download UltraBeat? Couldn´t find anywhere even in torrent sites… Thx

ViceVersa Musik says:

how do i like clear all the samples from ultrabeat so i can make my own kits?

Bob Bob says:

I can’t find the Ultrabeat? I finally installed Logic Pro X. But do i need to install all the Audio packs?

Freddie Chhabra says:

u legend

Kyle Cox says:


Weekend Nights Music says:

Heat finally this is just what i needed!

yetman87 says:

im a total novice. that was exactly what i needed. thank you

Lucas Biral says:

How do we save this MIDI bit? I cant record any drum machines cause the midi is always linked to the drum machine how do I separate from it? Maybe turning into audio or sth 🙁 help

Charles Leax says:

Great video many thanks.

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