Logic Pro X Tutorial – Vocal Production

Vocal production from raw vocals to a finished product.

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sp vijay says:

nice it’s really useful for me

JayDerDude says:

can you show something with rap vocals?

oyombe21 says:

Who else saw that AD

The Lance and Gary Show says:

OMG…my vocals now sit in the mix perfectly!! Thank you for making this video!!

matt mcclure says:

Thanks, Mitchel! Very helpful tutorial. Keep up the good work. I appreciate you.

GY GOD'S vevo says:

Posted this on my fb page hope u don’t mind mate

Aeron Durkan says:

thanks man this has been really helpful 🙂

johnnyatab says:

Is the Low Pass and High pass to get rid of sound you don’t need or can’t really hear? How do you now how much to get rid of?

John Smith says:

all time tutorial

emilythe1st says:

This was a great tutorial. My vox sounded significantly better after following along. I especially loved the slightly off-pitch sends left and right to thicken the sound. Thanks!

Wisam Ahmed says:

Does anyone know why he didn’t readjust for the 15 dB gain reduction on the auxiliary compression track?

Javier Cacao says:

Brother thank you so much, I applied this to a track I am working on and it does make the voice sound so much better. I will share it to you once it’s done. Thanks 🙂 I’m a new sub.

undercrackers56 says:

I really appreciate how you make effort to draw our attention to the audio item that you are trying to “fix” and then explain how it is being fixed. So many videos just say “do this” and “do that”. Thanks.

Alex Pick says:

absolutely brilliant teacher. just subscribed. thanks man.

León Cremonini says:

Thanks Dude! That helped a lot, you explained really good and straight forward…

NachtFalken says:

What type of annoying Frequencies do you find under 100hz? and how would you go about it, if you were to produce a bass vocal? I often sing down to 70hz..

brello era says:

Thank you! Excellent!

Javy Alvarado says:

bless you man its hard to find people that like to help instead of being selfish!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

AndilLer says:

Very good tutorial. Thank you!


thank you so much you saved me a lot of money

Jces Segismundo says:

thanks…helps me a lot….

Kian Pouya Badr says:

What is that bus setting in the mixer

Nathanaël Régnier says:

Wow great tips regarding pitching up and down + paning, exactly what I was looking for ! thanks 😉

Madam Black says:


Jeremy Deming says:

I really appreciate your tutorial. You’re very knowledgable and you make the complex beast of Logic more comprehensible. Thank you!

Walter Earl says:

thanks for showing

craig sweeden says:

Hey Mitchel I have been recording for almost 9 years now and a self taught “engineer”, if you will, I also use Logic Pro X and I have always stuck with Logic and Mac. Man I get more clear and precise answers from your tutorials than any other tutorial out there. A lot of great stuff online and a lot of guys teach or show their techniques and its really great information. I find myself going to your store than anyone else. Having said that I have been playing professionally for a long time, toured all over the world playing drums for many years and as I got older got into the song writing and doing everything myself thing. For convenience if nothing else, I don’t have to wait or depend on anyone and I can write and record to my hearts content. I do work from time to time with some great musicians and other guys that write and record their own stuff but I work a lot on music and recording.
I am getting to a stage of confusion though with setting proper gain staging, adding compression to fatten up tracks but the final mix it sounds to choked so I go back and adjust. It seems like a never ending process and I can’t seem to find that formula that works for me. A consistent formula that is. Also I understand the premise behind sub mixes but I am not clear on the final mix on the master bus vs the sum of all the tracks in a sub mix before the master bus. Make sense? I mean am I explain gin myself? lol. My bad but something tells me you get it.
I just wanted to tell you thanks for the great insight and help from your videos man. Take Care!

Manny Ramos says:

what are some great plugins for logic pro? do cracks for fabfilter etc even exist?

yandry Benitez says:

Thank you so much really helpful!!

Silent Ninjas says:

how do i make my total db go down because its in the red

Chad Zisler says:

If the sends on the main vocal track are all set to post-fader, why set up a sub mix? Wouldn’t the levels for all the bussing be adjusted accordingly by using just the main vocal track fader? (This is assuming you used post-fader sends) Thank you for your help!

Maurice Calis says:

In case someone didn’t mention it before, you can option-click a knob to get the default. At 17:00 you were trying to get the send level to zero out, but you could have just pressed option and clicked on the knob. Hope it helps.

ME2U says:

great videos…since i am new to music production..i need to know what is the best db to set for recording main vocals and when ready to mix how can i set the channel strip to capture same setting has i would have on the vocal I hope I said this correctly. (If I set the reverb compression, etc on only the main vox how can i capture the same setting on the other vox. Thanks

윤희원 says:

I just wondering why I need to compress again in AUX.
by the way this is the best tutorial video I’ve ever seen! I’ve always had some problem on understanding some specific things but ur vid truly helping me a lot. thanks 🙂

randman21 says:

Faaaaantastic tutorial! I have finally found a vox sound that I like because of you! Liked and subscribed.

Alan Howard says:

where does melodyne go in the chain?

Magnificent Electromagnetic Galaxy Funkchild says:

cool, thanks

Los Dozs says:

Thanx Mitch …

Craig Tenor says:

thanks .. really learnt a lot today. can you please let me know what to do with vocals who don’t sing completely on tune but they wants to sound realistic.. thanks once again

Munga Almasi says:

This video its incredible, I love it. make things easier for me. Please leave comment as well!!!!!!!

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