Logic Pro X tutorials – Intro to Logic Pro X

Intro to the new look Logic Pro X. How to run Logic Pro X is basic UN-advanced mode, what has changed with the new version in terms of layout and work flow.


Eli Tzar says:

4:30 is where things start, first few minutes are just some english guy having some banter.

Paul Wolf says:

Very helpful! Thanks man!!

Ryan Root says:

Anyone know how to get the Arturia Analog Lab to work in Logic Pro running with El Capitan OS?

VXFMatt says:

????? Did they take this and just reuse it for garageband?

Steven Orr says:

I really like your tutorials (and your marvelous sense of humor!)

Leo Zhou says:

It is garageband

BlueWizardViolinist says:

It’s garAge

Mark Huggett says:

Thanks for a great tutorial

Rommie Stair says:

trust me sir you are a class act. dance tech .  love to see you do a old reggae track

unknownsoldier1138 says:

i never get scared when people say “boo” but u did scare me for some reason lmfao

Hugh Robertson says:

It’s logic pro TEN the X stands for ten in Roman numerals

richard belho says:


SANIKSTAR178 says:


geebeedesigns says:

Awesome tutorial man but pls take this constructively…..I reckon you could cut at least 25 mins out if you stopped repeating yourself, we all get excited by this shiz but if I heard you say ‘garage band pro’ one more time I was about to sack it off….. After 10 mins….. But that said very informative and I will be checking your other videos out dude

Jason Lees says:

why make a 1hr tutorial of unadvanced mode lol?

Tristan Luke says:

I have Logic Pro X and need to export my key commands from Logic 7.  I can still open 7 on my old machine, but the only thing it seems to let me export are key commands as text.  I didn’t use the mouse much at all in LP7, and could work fast.  I’d like to import them if possible.  I have the text file listing them, but that’s all.  Do you have any advice on how to get this into LPX?  Thank you sincerely in advance for any help.

Jclubin says:

very informative! however I feel like this video could’ve been about 10-15 minutes shorter if you didn’t repeat yourself over and over again. Just my 2 cents! enjoyed it otherwise.

Prem Nath says:

Hi, a slightly unrelated question if I may. Basically, I am stuck with Logic Pro X on a 2009 iMac with Yosemite on it. And even though I’ve not fully pushed Logic yet, it’s already showing signs of sluggishness. So… a) Could you suggest any methods of making Logic X run faster on older machines. E.g. is there any known way of cutting down the IMac’s other resource-heavy activities to spare room for logic, esp. since I only really use the computer for writing word files and music creation, and b) Does this method of using Logic’s simple mode reduce the load on the machine. So, maybe I start with the simple mode and add advanced functions as and when I need them.
Great tutorial, by the way, thanks.

thecrabcake says:

Great overview, thanks!  Finally making my way over to Logic from DP.  Needed a general tour, and you kept it entertaining as well.  Well done.

Sylvia Russell says:

so helpful, thanks for this tutorial

Robbie Goodfellow says:

Cheers for this video.

Jurgen Houwers says:

Thank you! It’s a very helpful video. I’m that Garageband pro-user.

Pedro Persichetti says:

man u sound like simon pegg

shithappens39 says:

Turn that shit into advanced mode man.

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