Logic Pro X – Video Tutorial 01 – Getting Starting in Logic X

This video covers the following:
1. Getting started in Logic X
2. Setting Up Audio I/O
3. Using Audio Tracks and Recording
4. Using Software Instruments and Recording MIDI
5. Using Apple Loops
6. Using the Arpeggiator Plug-in
7. Bouncing a Project


Edgy Redgy says:

Is logic only on apple devices? All the videos I’ve watched that have used logic are on macs, and my teacher uses logic and I think he uses a mac too.

88KeysMan says:

I enjoyed your instruction. It’s simple to understand and follow.

Zoe Summers says:

Thank you. Most sincerely.

The time and effort and thought that’s gone into these videos is amazing, and VERY much appreciated.

Bravo Sir, bravo.

khushal bhadra says:

Is there a way we can move back to the same playhead position when we undo a recording. In my case it moves back or stays where it last stopped. I want and option where I recorded something i didnt like i undo and expect the playhead to be in that last position. Is there a workaround?

Kenneth Ochoa says:

i thought i would read the comments before i watched the tut seems like a lot of people like ur teaching and those that don’t are mostly frustrated but thats why theres a rewind button any thing computer is going to be hard and trying i hope i come out of this a happy camper see ya later after the show

Hippie Ninja says:

So I just bought a mac book pro and was wondering if I needed to purchase either this software or logic?

Herbie Hancock says:

My Logic guru.

George Bakewell says:

What version of logic is in this video?

johnnybsteelriff says:

Very concise, very easy to follow and very useful….

Anthony Araiza says:

i have an mpc ren and a mac. the ren has 2 sound monitors hooked up. how do I use mpcs built in interface? only option is what the mac came with

Neema Zardkoohi says:

i usually record mono with one wave form for guitar. im’ curious how musictechhelpguy and others record in stereo, resulting in two wave forms for one guitar track. Like the apple loop drum track, it has two wave forms. sometimes ive seen this for guitar tracks and i just wanna know if this is STEREO, and how to do it. thanks guys. i assume it has something to do with my input output setup. or Bus or something.

Otto Melara says:

Wow, i am new with Logic Pro X, and you just amazed my learning, you are very good instructor, very easy to follow, i am will continue watching and learning from your videos, thanks again.
MELOTT, Christian amateur musician

lone wolf says:

zoom shortcuts?

eMonKe says:

Great Video, I have been using music software for years never knowing fully all the options and what i was doing, I Will continue to go through your courses thanks for taking the time to make these 😀

John J says:


Simon Jones says:

I think the video is great. Not sure why there are so many negative comments. People need to realise there is some effort required on their part as well if they want to learn something. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Four Colour Ghosts says:

Great video…thank you..;-)

Robby Harris says:

great video! you have a real knack for teaching and a great voice!

J says:

Why is the opening missing two bars ?

Siler Kanoa says:

this is basically garage band just enhanced. I really dont like this interface.

Tracey Platt says:

Oh dear, I’m 53 and I just can’t even begin to understand this, although I am not a technophobe. I just want to plug my Korg SV-1 into a PC and create music.

Frede Øster Jensen says:

For some reason I can’t hear my guitar.
I’ve selected my audio interface as input under preferences – Audio. (Fast track pro) Plugged my guitar in, I can see there’s signal in my audio interface so far. But when I create an audio track, and try to select fast track as my input source, logic can’t find any inputs at all, besides bus. Can someone help me please? xD

Jazzy Maitimu says:

hey bro.. i wanna ask something… why your Logic has a legacy options in setting track and has so many sounds but my logic there’s no Legacy Options.. my logic is pro X too same like u. thx bro hope u can answer me…

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