Logic Pro X – Video Tutorial 05 – Quick Punch, Punching In Vocals

In this video we talk about:
1. Audio Recording Techniques in Logic X (continued)
2. Using Quick Punch-In
3. Punching In Vocals


Eat Meat says:

Use command + shift + z to redo all undone edits via command + z.

Norman Bataille says:

We should be very grateful you are putting all this info out there for us for free so don’t worry too much about the singing.

Thank you.

Pedro Rosa says:

Thanks very much! Very well explained! very important to have people like you helping around! lots of love

YAN SICH says:

Fantastic, I love it, after such a long time of searching something professionaly and scientifically explained at last I find what I have I been looking for, so long Thanks a lot

kronosan one says:

I can’t swipe comp,, it’s not creating take folders and letting me swipe comp and blend the tracks together, Is there something in the setting I have to change to allow swipe comping & to create take folders? Thanks!

RyanPullin says:

This is so butt rock, I love it

Today's Remedy says:

“What I’m gonna do is to use quick punch, to punch the singer’ lol just kidding

Jay-Lew The Truth says:

very helpful tool! i just made the move from garageband to logic pro. theres so many great additions and you’ve been teaching me all!

Bob V says:

Thank you!! Great lyric btw.

Trent Hogan says:

Great tutorials, and great vox.

TheEvral says:

Great videos, mister! I just wanna know why you’re recording so hot…? It’s not good for anything (except if you were in the analog domain of course).

soundslikeass says:

Great videos man! Btw, you’re actually a great singer.

Autumn says:

Thanks very much for these tutorials dude, very helpful and professional, cheers

erik lampo says:

thx from italy!!

G. Arfaras says:

Nice tutorial as usual. However, the lyric in your song sounds a little bit like a left behind suicide letter.


Hey Josh, do you have a video on how to PUNCH IN using logic remote on an I pad?

Peter Vogl says:

thanks for your videos….heres a problem I am having…when doing a auto punch or cycle punch logic is not recording during the pre or post roll…Is there a setting I’m missing? I’ve seen this used but for some reason it’s not happening when I punch.

Dov says:

Your vocals are actually good here. If you edit them a drop (I know a great tutorial guy who can teach you) they’ll sound awesome.

iggster9962 says:

Thank you! Just what I wanted.

Pedro Perez says:

i just got Logic Pro X and imported my key commands (work arounds included), and I havent checked a problem that existed since ver,7,8 and 9 (internal monitoring issue) having to to do with not hearing audio previous to “punch” using “cycle”mode.CHEERS I love your videos.

Bonio Cruz says:

your tutorials merit 9.9 on a scale of 10.
it could be 10/10 if u could stop catering to the lowest common denominator ,but then again.u dont have to 😉

gilligan1477 says:

why dont you have low latency on for recording? did you lower down buffer size? otherwise wouldnt you have latency? curious and thanks!

1970six Compact Disc Club - says:

Great video!!! Thank you so much!

TevoTV says:

these are unreal quality of tutorials great work

Massimo Cavalieri d'Oro says:

Good video. What’s the difference between “punch in” and create “composite” takes? Thanks.

Work Flow says:

Loving these tutorials, all practical and well explained tips! Nice mate

Dominick Faust says:

Excellent vocals, don’t doubt yourself! Any amazing videos for sure. Thanks

Alphonso Desselle says:

one thing you missed here.. in logic X, you have to go to Reocrd / Record Button Options and you have to make sure Record/Record Toggle is selected. Honestly, selecting that, you don’t need to do shift R to punch out.. Actually, if that option isn’t selected shift R or R won’t work..

Monty Deane says:

Thanks for the video series. I am curious though. If I record a track and want to punch in on another day, are all the settings kept internal so that I am not punching in with a completely different sound? Or is it better to always record the vocals in one sitting? I guess the pros do it that way, but sometimes I have to come back to it.

Jesse Timm Miller says:

Hey, Josh. Just wanted to say thank you for the time and care you put into these videos. As stated by many, they are clear, concise, well thought out and extremely helpful. Thank you, thank you!

Gone Away says:

Excellent communication skills. Comprehensive and clear tutorial. Just one thing, in my opinion you should audition later takes before consolidating with older ones.
Thankyou for your help.

theaeroz22 says:

how do I punch in a recording while also hearing the previous take, that way I don’t have to guess where to start the punch in?

Sebastián Vasquez says:

question can i use the fade tool on a punched audio track or i have to use the automation instead?

benja303 says:

Quick Punch:

Record –> Allow Quick Punch In —>

No need to set area , just activate and then deactivate.

Hit R to record
Hit Shift R to Stop

in the corner

6days says:

Hi, I’m trying this, but it’s still playing the bad part of the audio file while i am trying to punch in the new part. i cant sing it right cause i still hear it bad in my ears. Is there a setting to change it so when i press R, it mutes the bad part?

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