Logic Pro X – Video Tutorial 08 – Create Your Own Apple Loops

This video covers:
1. Create Your Own Apple Loops
2. Edit Loops with the Marquee Tool
3. Using Snap Mode: Bar
4. Adding Loops to the Loop Library
5. Adding Loop Search Parameters


Morris Barrett says:

Thanks for creating these videos, they are very well done. I’m curious how it’s possible to change the tempo of the loop without altering the tone/pitch of the drums/cymbals. Would the instruments’ pitch still sound the same if you increased the tempo to, say, 130?

Kohl Buskirk says:

y’all are so helpful!

Nonsense Poopypants says:

The reason you can’t use that as a loop is because that is non destructive editing. What you did second was destructive editing. You can also place the play head at the the beginning and end and simply snip off the excess. it’s not a glitch.

0record0 says:

It’s still not fixed…

Ryan McGee says:

thanks so much bro, this shit been driving me insane for the longest. This video was exactly what i needed

James Wareham says:

Anyone know the significance/purpose of having two waveforms for a [stereo] audio region/clip?

electronic love Trip says:

i have a sample folder , how to import that

Shekar Reddy says:

Shortcut ‘o’ for Loop Browser – we can never forget it!! LOL

Jay Storm Music says:

Yo thanks a lot, MusicTech team for these videos. Kindly change that instrumental that is at the very beginning of these tutorials.

Steeven Orden says:

whats the infinite symbol next to the audio file means? mine only have one circle and i think that is the reason why i can’t select loop when i drop the file into the loop browser, but i don’t know how to change it

austin78993 says:

See now if you wanted to end this beat on 1 (The crash) could you just drag the second bar out til the end of the crash? You should be able to do that right? You don’t have to extend by a full measure of that drum beat do you?

Looking to pick up Logic. Great tutorial!

LukeCholesMusic says:

props to these videos man, literally changed the whole music game for me. I’m taking big steps with a big thanks to you!

Sierra Flowers says:

Thank You SO much for these videos. I’ve learned so much in the first 7 videos and it’s helped me a lot.

Yves Boudreau says:

Thanks a million, love these videos really well done…Is there a way to take a drum loop and get separate tracks for kick and snare and hat etc…I haven’t gone through all the videos yet, maybe you already explained…Thanks again. !

jay wire says:

thankx..these are so much better than the ones we have to pay for…

Ali RJ says:

Hi thank you for your video. i have 5 different tracks but i cant drag them all in the loop section, when i do it only create a loop off the first track. what should i do?

tommaso lizzul says:

yes i enjoyed it, thank you for sharing your knowledge

duncan penderhughes says:

with this technique does loop conform to whatever the tempo of the song is

Salaam Wayne says:

Can you make a midi loop so that you can change the sounds??

Juno Kid says:

Hi, thx for this tutorial, but i’ve got a problem: i would like to transpose all my drum loop into apple loop, but i dont want to apply your method for each of my drum loops (more then 20GO of drum loops….), so i was wondering if there was a method to “batch convert” all my drum loops into apple loops ? Thx in advance

G33n0 says:

Super helpful bro! If I have any questions I’ll comment on something or message you with suggestions! Keep it up! Thanks!

M.A. Stough says:

I agree with so many other viewers…your teaching style is easy, comfortable to follow, and filled with just the right amount of detail. I’m learning more watching your tutorials than I ever did reading an Apple Pro series book (Aperture 3…in the bright days before Apple killed it. I’m branching from still photography to video and sound as hobbies). Great job, and thank you very much.

chris swift says:

This tutorial has just helped me so much, i just wish id found it sooner, thank you 🙂

Alexandre Haim says:

Nice video, man. But, when I try to drag the file the option Loop is not enable, only the one shot… would you help me:

Younghead says:

Yep got to give you props for your work on these tutorials, i watch all different ones in general, and you are by far the most informative helpful of logic guy so far, in my 22 years experience of making music. So big up yourself-………. thanks.  

Christopher Roberts says:

thanks for doing these.  Signed, new subscriber.

Allen Branch says:

Helpful af

Charlie Mitchell says:

Thanks for the videos, I have a loop question. When I bring over a drum loop, it doesn’t play any music but if I switch the instrument to another drum kit then it will play sounds. Is there a way to either fix the default drum to have noise or change what the default is?

Jason Gallant Music says:

Great tutorial. Your teaching is very clear and concise, even for a beginner like me. Good work!

J Commodore says:

YOOO your tuts are the BOMB!

Anthony Augustine says:

Thanks JOSH!! One day I’ll walk in your class at school, I miss it!

Kenneth C. McCoy says:

your the best thank you for always having the info I need to navigate this altered Universe

8 Bars TV says:

I had the same issue with creating Apple Loops. Another way to solve the problem is to make sure that the audio clip fits EXACTLY within the confines of the loop. If it’s even a tick over or under then the loop option will be grayed out. It can be tedious but it works.

Andrea Pääro says:

This is really good! Gonna start watching all of your videos because i am planning on getting Logic Pro x and then i can already know stuff about it!:))

Live Xpressions says:

hi Joshua,

how did you render the drum tracks to a single stereo file?


Jeanoir Koolman

Jay Bryant says:

I swear dude these are the best tutorials I’ve seen yet. Thank you so much.

Albert Wang says:

How to delete it.

perlmunger says:

+1 for pointing out the marquee tool. I’ve tried the other way, just resizing the region, and it never worked right. Seems like there may be some reason for that, but it sure isn’t obvious. Thanks!

Uriel Gonzalez says:

how do you record drums


I just updated my gear and had to change from PRO TOOLS 8 to LOGIC X and your videos are awesome, helping a lot!! All the best and thank you!!!

MahiraMusic says:

Hi! Once I’ve created a loop, can I delete or edit it ?

Victor Mimbrero says:

Thanks for enlightning us!… keep doing it so well.!!!
Something about NI Kontakt and VST instruments???

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