Logic Pro X – Video Tutorial 10 – Audio Edit Tools (part 1)

This video covers:
1. Audio Edit Tools in Logic X (part 1)
2. Pointer Tool and Secondary Functions
3. Marquee Tool and Secondary Functions
4. Scissors Tool and Secondary Functions
5. Fade and Marquee Zones with the Pointer Tool


Slaughter House Entertainment Company says:

this video really helped bro!!

Fredo Viola says:

Thank you so much for these excellent tutorials. I am a long time user of Logic Pro, but resisted updating for a long time to 10. Anyway, I have a quick question: I do not get the behavior you are mentioning with the arrow creating fades, or even when I highlight in preferences for the 3 additional uses of the arrow it still doesn’t work when I position the arrow over different parts of the clip. What could I be doing wrong?

Savvy Pirate says:


Kalleballe240395 says:

thank you!

Kolob Canyon says:

control shift drag ins’t working for me. It moves the screen left and right



crowbars_up says:

YOU ARE THE MAN for making these videos! Thank you

Robin Bäckrud says:

Once again: your videos are gold. Thank you so much!

Aaron Chase says:

thanks man, great video!

X S says:

Great video series. I’m really enjoying it a lot. i’m running 10.2, and shift+cntrl+pointer doesn’t create fades for me. So irritating! I can’t wait t finish this project so I can get back to REAPER and just get things done. All you have to do to make a fade is put your tool (there is only one because it’s smart enough to know what to do based on where you are) near the top edge of a track and drag. Done. Instant fade, and you can set your default fade shape to any number of defaults and just right click the fade if you want to change it. I used Logic for years, but have been using REAPER for a while, and I feel like my feet are stuck in concrete any time I try to do some simple thing. And the key commands are so convoluted. I can’t believe how many I’ve forgotten or have been changed. I never thought I’d want to uses anything other than Logic, but now that I see how much faster it is to work in REAPER, I can’t see how anyone would want to use Logic. Except for maybe it’s awesome presets. Can anyone tell me if there i a way in 10.2 to create a fade with the pointer tool and key commands? The one in this video doesn’t work for me in 10.2 on audio tracks. Thanks!

Subee Karma says:

I have been following your series and they are great. Your guitar sounds good. What plugin did you use for the effect? Also did you record your guitar directly via interface or did you use microphone?

Johnny Ku says:

why Im hold option to compress the region and its not work?its rebound

Jam With Jimmi T says:

ahhh yes thanks. thought i would repost it.  Flatten the track and then the fades will work!!! you can flatten by clicking on the number in the take box.

Clone604 says:

Thanks for the tutorial. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out how to timestretch or compress my audio samples. I’m used to Cubase, so this is slightly new.

K100 says:

Hey so I just want to ask if there is a way to scrub through audio on the timeline without moving the audio file itself. I know this is possible in Ableton and the other daws but I can’t seem to find it in Logic. Sorry if this seems a bit of a vague question as I’m not actually sure what its called in Logic.

oliver warmflash says:

I can set up the third option in the tool bar. I need pointer, edit and fade. And I get the face option appearing. But I can not get it to activate. Any idea what I need to do. I’ve tried right and left clicking on my mouse, but its not working

Manish Joshi says:

I switched from Pro tools to Logic and your video is magic teacher .. thanks

Mattieval says:

This is a really great tutorial! The marquee tool for cutting is a great help. I also use CMD + T for cutting, I noticed there’s no mention of that.

DJ Sanddy says:

Your Free Logic Pro X tuotorial is better than the Lynda.com’s paid version. Kudos and keep the good work up bro. Thanks a lot.

Yves Boudreau says:

Hi Josh, is there a quick way to fade out a midi track like like the shift control on an audio track ? Thanks again

Seamas Manly says:

Thanks for all the great tips. Your presentation is excellent!

Carson Cook says:

Your videos rule. Thanks for posting!

Justin Zitt says:

How would you fade the type of Track like the Bass here? I just can’t do anything with it. Fading only works on audio tracks.

WickedTone says:

Hi. Thanks for your videos they are quite helpful.
 I do have issue with bouncing at the moment. After several attempt of bouncing my project, I can not hear the audio
tracks. All the software instruments will play though. I tried offline
and real time bounce. Also I did solo the audio track to bounce it by
itself. Same result : No sound. On playback, all is well. I did not have
that problem before. Normally I lay down my tracks and when I am ready I
just bounce. Could be something I am not seeing this time. I run Logic
Pro X 10.0.6.
Let me know if you have any suggestions where to look at.
 Thank you.

Matthew Wright says:

can you stretch apple loops it seems like i can’t stretch

agitdrummer says:

thats just wooow! thanks a lot for these hacks)

ketan kanjariya says:

thanks a lot. very helpful . subscribed 🙂

masbass1011 says:



Hi there

Someone can explain me what is universal track mode??? and why I cannot see stereo busses easy like pro tools? (if the track is stereo the bus 1 is 1-2 if the track is mono the bus 1 is just bus 1……clever). So if I want to send a stereo track to a couple of mono busses for compress the left and expand the right  I can’t…(I can but I need 10 times the time that I need on PT, CUbase, DP, ableton live and every single software since 90) why logic x turn every easy signal routing into a mess?
and why if I invert the phase of a sample logic invert the phase of all the copies of this samples in the project? this happens just with logic, also if I have previous create a backup file and if the editing isn’t destructive? (so I have to open a new track and record the sample into another sample and then invert the phase… amazing)
Why I can’t see the lenght of the cycle in minutes and seconds (actually sometime I can but don’t ask me how, the manual doesn’t mention it) and every time that a client ask me the lent of the sh..t I have to swear all the saints in the heaven?? 
Why if I save a sampler instrument (exs) with external samples always a part from the setting he loose the mapping of the samples? always….. 
why to edit a region I need to open the sample editor window and go crazy with it? why I can’t edit it precisely directly on the arrange like every software since 1940??
sorry about this

Kid Got Beats says:

Great tut! making a transition from a Pro Tools background and this was really helpful. Thank You!

Wick Beavers says:

Looking forward to an update. Thanks.

DaZeD Merlin says:

Stretching the audio doesn’t work for me, it snaps back to it’s original position once I release.

Carlos Taylor says:

I am blind and am new to Logic.  Thank you for giving keyboard commands during your explanations.  Do you know how to select with keyboard commands, similar to what the marquee tool would do?

DollfacePage says:

Thank you for keeping this clear and simple. It was just enough information that my brain almost exploded, but didn’t haha. I think I’ll actually be able to retain that much information and practice before moving on. Keep them coming 🙂

Jack Saw says:

i feel stupid, i could use these funcions to semplify my works a long time ago… xD

charlesandhisworld says:

Great video!!!

1970six Compact Disc Club - says:

Thanks for another great video!!!

Teagen Golden says:

used control option to try fade and it didn’t work? Help! thanks.

William Evenhouse says:

I’ve been watching the series with great appreciation, but I think I ought to take this moment to publicly state that. Each video has been most helpful.

paulflute says:

brilliant.. thanks ..top video…
few great tricks i there i will be using.. ;9)

Saimon Romero says:

tanks my friend!! God bless you..

Randy Willcox says:

These videos are really helpful, but this video is 12 minutes long and there were 4 ads! Geez, YouTube!

Eric Carson says:

What do you do if you have a smaller audio section that you want to block out as a 1, 2, etc. bar length to match the others?

Kolob Canyon says:

Never mind. It was because I was trying to do it to a track stack

Rebecca Reed-Posselt says:


Mohammed Hassan says:


Tommy Benson says:

Such a great and knowledgeable teacher!

Max Lotti says:

Great!!! Really fantastic tutorial !

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