Logic Pro X – Video Tutorial 18 – Flex Time Part 1 – Polyphonic and Monophonic

This video covers:
1. Using Flex Time (part 1)
2. Polyphonic Mode
3. Monophonic Mode
4. Editing Transient and Flex Markers
5. Quantizing Audio With Flex Time


Ja Lai says:

Thanks for being so clear on the Poly/Monophonic. Appreciate your work.

teetosh says:

Excellent teaching going on here!

Augusto Vera says:

lovely stuffs here! muchas gracias, saludos desde Argentina

Carmelo Santini says:

Are you related to Zane Carney?

1970six Compact Disc Club - says:

Another great video!!! Thank you.

Wesley West says:

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Daniel Puddick says:

Hi – Thanks. This is really useful. When previewing your results, is there a way to preview each individual region or flex area? I can, of course play the entire final result, or hit play at a point. But if I want to listen to a single flex to check it is not spilling into a new note, I can not find out if this can be done. Or even loop a separate flex by way of a preview.

Ryan Root says:

MusicTechHelpGuy, I have a song comprised of one shots for the drums, everything is played to a click yet the drums (specifically the kick and ride) feel a little stiff arm and not relaxed enough. Is there a way to isolate those tracks and relax them quantization wise as to play a bit more “in the pocket”?

Bruce Kaplan says:

Great tutorial, thanks – this is helpful. But here’s my question – let’s say I recorded without a click, so the recording bears no relationship to the defau;let 120 bpm setting. How can I determine the real average tempo, and change the grid, and then finally quantize to the true bpm (without actually speeding up or slowing down the audio)? Is there another tutorial that goes into this? (I think maybe I should start at tutorial #1!)

Anders Oredson says:

Please change your intro music!!!!

Fabian Smith says:


ApollO Noceur says:

Awesome tutorial. Very clearly spoken and easy to follow. One question… Just as you said with polyphonic how you can turn on the complex setting for better quality, I notice with monophonic there is no complex box you can check off rather it says percussive. What does this do?

Aaron Woolley says:

so helpful

JamEZmusic says:

Holy crap…… I feel like a big dirty cheat for knowing this trick now.

I am going to try to stay away from this feature though. Unless I mess up a mic recording and can’t be bothered to set up everything again for a re-take. haha, cool vid. I’m watching all of these in order, learning a lot. Thank you.

Savy M says:

how u selected best quantization value? like 8th note at 5:50?

dwightddddd says:

Thank you for your upload.
When editing vocals we get clicks and pops when using monophonic mode in Flex Time.
Don’t get these problems when using Elastic time in Pro Tools.
Something seems to be up with Logic algorithms.

Vadim Bondy says:

YOU’RE THE MAN!!! ;)))

eikonklast says:

I’m a total noob to Logic but had a project that needed it. Thank you MTHG!

Steven DeVries says:

Excellent training. Thank you.

Pedro Menezes says:

Thank you so much for this!! Subscribed!

Creedence Forever | The Supreme CCR Experience says:

I’m guessing the quantize only works in the tracks were originally recorded with a click track or?

John Morrison says:

Pro tip to get your recordings in time: spend more time practicing your instrument

Outset Bandits says:

shit sounded literally perfect

Russ Wilson says:

Cool riff.

Carmelo Santini says:

nice video thank you

Dimitris Blane says:

thanks brah!

Chadwick Cadet says:

Wonderful tutorial!!

Very clear
Found very specific information quickly.

Subscribed and video is added onto the “Music Production Tips” playlist!

CologneRob says:

Please help – when i`m done with Flex Timing or quantize audio, how can i make a region copy that results Flextime process into a new Audio file without the need of processor power after that.
Or ist flex time only working when it`s active? i want to make the region working fine, and then i want it to play later without the need of processor power to save my small computer power.

Benjamin Bidlack says:

You do the best music production and Logic Pro X videos on YouTube. Period. Thank you SO MUCH for all that you do.

Dan Stoner says:

could you do a video on how to quantize multitrack drums?

greg killmaster says:

most excellent tutorial. concise and informative. Thanks very much! Helps a lot.

Underdawg herb says:

man where & how did you learn all this its awesome

Colin Ashenhurst says:

You rock.

harrycallaghan22 says:

Why does my flex icon stay blue? It doesn’t appear to be behaving properly. I have imported an audio sample and it won’t stretch the audio. Logic Pro X 10.2.3.

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