Logic Pro X – Video Tutorial 45 – Drummer Plug-in (PART 1)


Rafael Guillermo Gertrudix says:

thanks for the most together Logic Pro X videos !!!

vincent young says:

start the video at 4:00

exarkk says:

You Are The Best !

Chou Vang says:


Eduardo Cossio says:

Thanks for posting this videos.

ronruck says:

Many thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.

Felipe JANEGO says:

hi  in my replay below swing doesn’t  appear the 8th an 16th  field  , what i should  do? thanks a lot its really helpful , the best videos on youtube!

David Facemyre says:

When trying to Auto Record or “Punch In” a section I cannot find the controls. I tried to double click as you showed in your one of your previous videos but mine does nothing. Am I missing something? Thanks MusicTechHelpGuy!

George Lesiw says:

Customizing each region, very cool 🙂

still451 says:

Thank you so much

Harsh Trivedi says:

The best explaination for The Drummer on youtube…
Thanks a lot 🙂

Reagan says:

thanks for the video, have been using this program for a while and had no idea about this amazingly easy plugin!

Ajay George says:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Fred Pilcher says:

🙂 Brilliant tutorials! Thanks!

jgroover says:

Weird problem: My drummer plugin has stopped creating two regions. Instead of giving me the eight measures on the hi hat, followed by eight measures on the ride, I just get the first eight measures on the hi hat. This is driving me nuts. I have reset the factory settings and it’s still not creating two regions. Anyone else encounter this?

Barry Norgaard says:

Very nice explanation. I’ve been using it for awhile but you helped me reach a deeper understanding of this tool.

sacor07 says:

i think it is really cool based on what ive learned so far, but i feel like its “cheating” that i can “make” complex drum patterns just by clicking a few buttons, like i would prefer to make the drums from scratch myself but whats the point when u have really good ones all made for me. i feel like we can miss out on learning very good engineering and composition skills by using plug ins like this.

Kevin Greg says:

I noticed you never used the follow button by the kick and snare. That has got to be one of the best parts about the drummer. Seriously if you have not tried it it’s amazing.

MusicTechHelpGuy says:

+Mehrbod Rostamy  — You can mix the drums with multi-output mode which is covered in Part 2 of this video. This is only part 1. By the way, I’m replying like this because there’s no reply button below your message.

Martin Kelly says:

hi…cant thank you enough for the wonderful tutorials….i have a question i hope you could help me with…I added a software track with drum kit designer producer kit…multi output…i recorded sone midi..including crash right…but in the mixer when i expand all the individual drums…crash right is playing but there is no mixer channel..any clues?…thanks in advance

Jan Fairchild says:

Thanks for the wealth of info. It’s made my reintroduction to Logic a lot easier. For some reason my version of Pro X 10.0.2 doesn’t have the choice of 1/16 or 1/8 for the swing. Is there something I’m missing to turn this feature on? Thanks.

RomoDrummer says:

What capture software do you use to record these series’? 

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