Logic Pro X – Video Tutorial 58 – Sculpture Synth Overview


Alex dEAD says:

thanks a lot!

Miguel Hijar says:

thank you! this is very helpful.

Juan Pomés Feduchi says:

why does the audio FX options doesn’t appear to me? I can’t find the sculpture FX anywhere neither. Help plsss!!!!

Paul Cusack says:

Where does one get the Logic Pro X manual on Plug-ins?

Ling talfi says:

Awesome explanations as always. Thanks for making those tuts.

Kevin Harris says:

This is a nice overview. Physical modeling synthesis can be rewarding but challenging. Logic is ridiculous. It really has everything. People forget about sculpture and go pay out for expensive plugins that aren’t nearly as fun to program. I have Mutable Instruments Elements which is a eurorack physical modeling module.

Sculpture can do most of the same stuff, but lacks some of the FM capabilities. Forget the crappy fx included, and use a proper reverb and delay. Also, distortion is a MUST. I’ve been running Sculpture through Elektron Analog Heat. Then into Eventide Space…..heaven!

rajvir singh says:

Can you show me how you made the sound wobbling kind sound the one is playing in starting thanks

darlakein says:

Very useful and efficient in short time : thank you !

Brendan Carroll says:

just watched again after 2 more years of experience, and wow this synth is powerful. thank you. btw watch at 1.5 speed and thank me later.

erestube says:

Thank you, sir!

Brian Hansen says:

LMAO 8:00

Lmao EightBall says:

How do you change attack time abd stuff

Glenn Carr says:

Thanks so much for this amazing, amazing series of Logic Pro X tutorials. The package is enormous and your information is so helpful! It has saved us hours of hard slog. Cheers Mate from Glenn & Dave.

davidcbvalencia1 says:

take a look at terry guide chanel, where a huge explanation about sculpture is done. anyway as you said it takes a lot of time breaking apart this synth…..t k

antkn33 says:

Great stuff. Keep it up, I really appreciate it. 

ha xi says:

Very very much hope that a full and detailed sculpture tutorial. Really looking forward to ah!

Gareth Cole says:

Brilliant stuff. dabbled with Sculpture many times but always in an experimental way. Now i have some insight and more direction. Cheers


Is there a way to turn off the global way in which the Eq works and just eq the delay, or reverb effects independently?

Tom Francis says:

Very helpful, thank you!

JoyUs One says:

Thanks for this video! I have a question, hope you might have an answer. Im using a midi controller and can’t seem to find the Pitch bend in sculpture? Im wanting to make a bass drum sound like the bass tabla with quick swoops up and down pitch, but with all the variety that i see in sculpture. Hope you can help. Thanks again!

VDragon54 says:

thanks a lot! very helpful 🙂

TheKeyofEthan says:

Can you do a tutorial on Alchemy?

Charles Callahan says:

Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve been trying to decide if this was worth taking time to learn. I will use this to design some sounds. Very cool.

Seshi Ambient says:

You my good sir are a scholar and a gentleman thanks for the great tut!

Mike Hawk says:

I need help willing to pay I had switch to logic I’m a fk user … I’m doing ok but man I lost allot of…. I don’t have same chain I had year etc are I willing this no games

Jacky Wong says:

32:47 XDDDDD

Stanley Rajnert says:

Great basic tutorial on a complex instrument. Really helped me cut my teeth on Sculpture. Thanks.

Sya says:

I have a problem, I accidentally detuned it and now I can’t get it in tune anymore

papybeats official says:

can u do a video about how to bus,send ,aux in logic x basically  how to mix ur tracks in logic x before  master I’m lost when it comes to that i don’t knw what to do .is it mandatory to bus ?  please please please please 

goodaswood says:

Thank you for another excellent overview of a complex synth. Really, really helpful. Namaste.

KVega says:

does anybody where I can find the manual for sculpture?

Natalie Lucie says:

thank you SO much for this! Literally exactly what I needed! Will be checking out your other vids 🙂

Tomás Almeida says:

how do I enable sculpture in my logic pro x? i can’t find it

Robin Fedele says:

Honestly, I have been willing to get into music production for a while, and if I succeed in making this dream become true, it will be thanks to you my dear. Thank you so much for your time.

Firstname Lastname says:

i like the bows and strikes for what i make. impulse is too synth to me. the material keyscale section was confusing me a lot, thank you for this. if you put bouncing on, and have it barely on at all, it really sounds like the string is bouncing on the fret board. my trouble is in the morph area. amazing synth tool though. i’m getting some super high quality sonic synths out of it. super rich synth.

Hernan Cortes Athrice Recordings says:

I’m gonna have some fun with this

christophoric70 says:

that intro track rockin!

Rowan Turner says:

Love the videos man. Long time subscriber. Quick question; I’m trying to assign controls from my MPKmini controller to modify and record control envelopes. I’m having difficulties with actually getting the Sculpture controls to cooperate with the “learn” feature. Any suggestions on this? Thanks man.

Matt Ragan says:

Sheesh you are seriously knowledgeable, intelligent and articulate – makes for a really helpful tutorial – THANKS!

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