Logic X 10.4.2 – Top New Features

Logic X version 10.4.2 adds some awesome new features. See what they are and how to use them in this video.

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Jeremy Boland says:

Hey! Was wondering if Logic would be compatible with my Yamaha CSP170

Kong Wee Peh says:

Are the wav at 2:08 free to download?

Wizardatwill says:

Thank you!

Macbook Bass says:

LIBRARIES TO EXTERNAL DRIVES: You could always do this manually via simlinks.

Antwan Dago says:

Thank you for the video. Where can I fin the “ESW ML rattle marimba F” at 02:11 please ? Which pack ?

a world of Magic says:

Can you relocate parts of the Logic Pro X sound library, and have some parts stay on the computer?
Thing is I have a laptop with limited storage which I transport, while I have a “stationary” setup at home with external hard drive. So I want to example have all of logic sound library on my main hard drive, and then have things like apple loops and legacy on my external.

As well as when i choose the relocate option, my hard drive is greyed out because it’s used by time machine. Is that really a limitation that Apple put in? That you can’t have the sound library be the same as your time machine drive?

Pearse MacIntyre says:

My external hard drive isnt selectable when trying to relocate the sound library:( Any one know why that might be?

Aria Deng says:

nicely illustrated, no bs.

J Rob says:

thanks for another awesome vid.. another great part of this update is ARA with melodyne

Demy Kemble says:

Quick question. Until this update you was not able to store the sound libraries on an external harddrive. Although, an app called: Symlinker. made it possible. But since it is now possible to store them on my external hd “the normal way” I want to remove the Symlinker app from my computer. I want to keep my computer as clean as possible, so everything I don’t use is going to be deleted. But now I am not able to click on the “Relocate Sound Library” button. its grey, and I don’t know what to do. Can anybody please help me?

Shawn Beaumonte says:

I wish Apple would put Logic X on the ipad Pro as well.

Christo Roppolo says:

They need to give us a full iOS version. Garage band has. Peace Christo

Nick PA says:

Please make Logic compatible with PC already!!!

Garrett Norvell says:

Thanks for the tour of new features @echosoundworks ! I’ll be honest, I was reeeeally hoping that Apple would update their guitars in the same way they improved their horns/strings last time.

djalexia says:

Thanks for showing fast and clearly what are the new LogicX updates. I like the most drag & drop multiple stems to time stretch all in 1 go. Library’s relocation nice, but I had a trick that I was able to do it creating aliases of folders etc etc … what I was REALLY looking forward to seeing the mixer customizable meaning drag individual fader so you can make order in the mix window rather than look for the AUX/BUS/AUDIO/MIDI FADER especially when a new aux is created. I can believe that LogicX can give you freedom of moving/ organizing grouping faders by simply drag them. This send opt I don’t see it as this great feat to be use, maybe the “ individual “ panning on a specific fader(?) Does it work like that? If it is is cool so I can send a delay to a chosen fader and pan it to my taste without affecting other faders receiving same FX. This mixer MUST be revamped and like in Studio 1 you can move faders in the mixer window and start to organize grouping drums next to each other, adding I s created AUX next to it etc . Thanks!

Imagineyourmusic.com says:

thanks a lot for the review, please I’ve got 2 questions: first when I record my voice having “keep tempo” it slices the recording ,is it normal? it did not do this before with logic 4.1, and I transferred the library on the external disk, but know I’ve got no sound after loading a software instrument, (obviously on a software track and stereo output) although there is the “alias” in application support…thanks for you help (-;

James Wright says:

I’ve been using a few DAWs over 23 years and Logic Pro X is King! Great video. Thanks.

Francis Srečko Fabian says:


FriskFryse FrossetFrugt says:

3:42 seems more like a bug fix than an enhancement. pedantic ik lol

MK6 says:

Independent fader pan? Am I missing something?? Previously in logic my main fader could be panned left and my aux pan on the aux fader could be panned right, This new feature claims to do this – what is the difference?

Macbook Bass says:

Dear Apple, can we get some skin options?, um…particularly to match Dark Mode more accurately?, oh?, what’s that Apple?, I have to wait another 20 years for Logic Pro X 11 to come out?, oh by then there won’t be a dark mode…there will be a transparent mode lol

40avo says:

Nice new features, thanks for letting us know!

Callum Hoskin says:

Glitchy as fuck in places

Marco Scaligeri says:

Nice, thanks man. Is it working fine in Mojave?

DJ PANE says:

Just subbed since you were on point here. Keep it up!

Kane Lono says:

Thanks for the video. It’s helpful. Now my rant…
I do use touch screens. A couple of big ones. One is for tracks the other is just for the mixer.
The thing I absolutely HATE about Logic Pro X the most is I have a ton of vertical screen apace but cannot increase how tall the fader is??
Its ridiculously small. It’s just So, stupid that you can’t stretch the height of the Mixer. Especially the fader section. If you have the screen space to do so. Smaller faders = less control for fine tuning of the faders resolution.
Come on Apple. Wake Up!! It’s a GUI. How hard could that be? Every update I hope they may gain some real insight for what’s actually important for a very high % of the time using the DAW… but they never do.

King Ech says:

Kida like expand

David DiMuzio says:

That new fader control for sends is sweeeeet! Gonna be way more fun to write automation for sends this way.

sam yosef says:


Steven Kruyswijk says:

Nice. I think you were still adjusting the basic track panning though; to change only the send panning I think you need to change that small yellow panning indicator next to the bus send

woodenhatrecords says:

Awesome! Thanks!

Christopher Simmons says:

Thanks. You got to the point and showed me all the stuff I actually wanted to know about the update while on the treadmill this morning 🙂 Bravo!

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