Making A Beat In 10 Minutes With Logic Pro X

Producing a hip hop beat with 10 minutes, 10 tracks and custom sounds in Logic Pro X. Just having fun and switching up the workflow 🙂

8oh!8 Bass Presets for Serum –
The Niche Kit (Creative Drum and Loop Kit) –
Urban Dreamscapes for Serum –

Divine Mixing – Template One (DAW Template) –

Nektar Impact LX61+
Shure SM7b:
Beyerdynamic DT770 Headphones:


Sandman6616 says:

studio tour yea i’m with SEAN your followers wanna see your studio come on show it to us :))

devint dexterty says:


miredo acompa says:

bonjour how configure B4 , multiout please

James, CA says:

Great stuff!

김희재 says:

I have a question to you all guys.. Plz teach me about this problem whoever knows..
When I push the keyboards to make beats, the volume of beat sound is quite small, but when I put the keyboard pad to make beats, the volume of beat sound is more larger and abundant.. I want to know what is the matter to my keyboard.
I only use the USB to connect the Keyboard and my macbook. Is this a problem of USB? or Should I buy MIDI Cable to solve this problem?!
Help me plz,,

Jay Santos says:


SamJordan says:

Nerve changes the game lol…

KennyLikesCow Productions says:

I need like a full tutorial and walkthrough in music production using Logic Pro x.. I own the software but I know nothing hahaa.. so inspired 😀

Gm says:

Shiit… Sean you’re one of my favs producer on soundclick, I had no idea you were on youtube ! that’s great !

Brandon Gibson says:

Awesome beat! Is that bass a stock sound in Serum?

Easez Beats says:

This video deserves so much more views, i’m gonna share it! Good work man


how can i get this beat where is it

Yanike Mann says:


Alex Simpson-Soye says:

What was that thing at the begging that u used to get the tempo

bookah t says:

please where do you download from drums loop from 
or do you make the drum loops yourself

Black Shadow says:

Nice beat man! Great job 🙂

Jared Vazquez says:


Meance 901 says:

A Sean i need some help asap

King Melo says:

How do you save it? Or make it longer?

JJ V says:

Can you make a tutorial on how you made that 808 bass in Serum? It sounds dope

Albert LeBleu III says:

Awe hells yeah Sean, thanks so much for the tutorials and videos and tips and tricks/advice on mixing. Really feelin’ it!

richelieu randol says:

Love this. Definitely got inspired after my session crashed and I just shut down my laptop.

Dickson SnowFlakes says:

thank you sean

Da'Rian Riley-Windom says:

Str8 fire kid!

Der_Wahre Der_Wahren says:

Hey Sean, nice Video but I have a question I can’t find the Plug in Serum. Maybe u can help me.

gamerboy6302 says:

Dude! That was so cool!

NickEgo666 says:

cool man !! )

EngeniusBeatz says:

This is amazing Sean !

Kd20MiL says:

I noticed how you had your sounds were well organized on your computer. How do you organize your sounds packs?

United Destiny Entertainment says:

Dope man

Joseph Malleck says:

dope dope dope

Kaitav Sapre says:

Not a Logic Pro user, but this video makes me become one! I can’t though being on a PC. 🙂 Awesome video anyway, very inspiring and helpful for any DAW user. Cheers!

Pixel Baumeister says:

Very nice Beat and the Video is nice too!

CahlajWasHere says:

Can you do a video where you show how you use Xfer to make hi hats and how you use it with drum loops. I’m interested in getting Xfer Nerve but I don’t know much about it. I want to use it for Hip hop.

Slapaholic Productions says:

Dope video bro! Keep up the good work!

Kirk Lewis says:

Thx so much for this. Please do more like this. Watching your workflow is very helpful. The pro tip that I learned was that you were placing hi pass filters on sounds DURING PRODUCTION! I always left this to the mix phase and – of course (now I know this) – end up with all kinds of masking and muddy productions that I have to wrestle with for hours to make them sound good. Thanks again! Please do more like this. The beat is hot, but I learned more from your workflow than I expected from this video.

Inkognito says:

Shit, you got my vote!

Dharma Child says:

Hey Sean, great informative videos. Have you made a video showing how go about arranging a beat once you have laid the main parts, like in this vid? Would help a lot! Keep it up man

Trey Benson says:

Nice Job!!

paradise Green says:

Great Job! Very impressive!

Lina Pastel says:

This was sooooo dope… I wish I was this talented in logic or any similar software lol.

Shawn Jarmon says:

Man Sean where were you when I graduated high school bruh? Everybody else on youtube don’t make for very good teachers even though they’re talented in their craft. You are a blessing from god my G appreciate the videos though real talk

Blair Chatmon says:

Crazy Hotttt Beat

Sylvinho says:

Sick video. Subbed. You are a madman producer! Did you play piano before producing or self taught / improvising on the MIDI?

Raven P says:

Anyone know what keyboard he’s using?

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