Making a Full Dubstep Drop in Logic Pro X

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a full dubstep drop with Apple’s Logic Pro X, along with some 3rd party plug-ins! Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed!

Plug-Ins used:
NI Massive:
FabFilter ProQ 2:
Ozone 5:

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Perfect Whine says:

Do all those samples come with Logic X or did you get them separate from the program? I don’t seem to have them there…

Whyte Hawk says:

Sup bro I’d like to ft. And place one of your beats on a project.

I’m also introducing myself to the Dubstep production and your video ignited me on massive. I’ve been struggling with it.

And I’ve never even used my presets from logic watching how fast you moved and placed then was pretty dope. Can’t wait wait to try it myself. Thnx bro.

McMarnE says:

So, probally the biggest noob question ever but I can’t seem to figure this out. How do I preview the sounds that I create in Massive? What button do I click? I tried almost everything. Hitting the spacebar just makes the playhead in logic play but it doesen’t create a sound in Massive. thnx

Even Stephen says:

“I’m not gonna take long, maybe 20 mins at max”

Alexandre Vafai says:

How did you get Fl studo on your mac?

C. Fears says:

Well structured tutorial. Followed along easily. Thank you!

Icestorm X says:

Ur Amzing

Stephen Bloom says:

Holy moly, this kid is mad talented at like 10 different types of things. Well done, Squid Blue.

NindoProd says:

Okay, first i’m not a hater, but bro your video is a copy past of virtual riot.
Virtual riot = Studio time – You = In the t studio
The same intro.

Burgey says:

where did you get all the samples from

GarageWax says:

Quick tip:
If you don’t want to find good third party samples for the drums, here’s a few default drums that will work fine.
The best kick you can use is the first kick on Deep Tech. The rolling kick, I’d recommend the first kick on Dropkick. The best snare I found is the first snare on Neon, the best hat is the first hat on Seismic, and the best ride is on Radiant.

LᴀᴢʏRᴇɪɴᴅᴇᴇʀ ♚ says:

This is a noobish question, but how do you get that library thing with all the different kicks and etc. I have iTunes there and Logic with one document > Projects. That’s it.

血管毛細 says:

What do you use massive priset?

Grant Kendrick says:

soooooo how am i supposed to make this when your using file i obviously won’t have…
give a link to those file to make it easier
everyone is asking lol…. come on man
wow…. and the plug-ins are expensive…
did you think this one through homie….

Gael Martinez Gomez says:

Midi Plz?

Rayan Behr says:

Thank you, your video helps me to make better music!!!

Randy Marsh says:

how much is this software? is it better than ableton?


Your good

Dead Tone says:

Hey um some tips, when you make dubstep like this the percussion needs to be a bit louder and turn down your kick and snare, and don’t use straight up snare samples, layer snares. Also your drops sound really generic and boring, be original dude! Also this tutorial seriously is almost exactly like Virtual riots studio time editing wise, the the transitions and the intro lol

Jack French says:

where did you get those presets?

Crystallized Rainbow says:

what do you use to record

J says:

Virtual Riot lol

Bruce Zhang says:

Hi How and where did you get the kicks n stuff from the library. Thats from your desktop right? So what could I do if i dont have those?

XerDav says:

great tutorial man 😀 i never used Logic Pro before and was trying to give my friend options for looking into different DAWs, and this definitely helped give me an idea how everything works, more or less. i personally use Ableton Suite, but my friend doesn’t like the idea of spending 749 dollars, and i hear Logic Pro X is like only 199? anyways, you have really tight production man, i need to become more patient with this stuff you did here, i tend to rush my tracks, and thus, i realize later on i did a shit job. i am still so green, i need to push to be better.

N.O. EDM Theory says:

why have you just 1k subscribers?You’re drop sounds better like a skrillex one!!!!!

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