Making a Trap Beat in Logic Pro X: HezTheProducer Logic Tutorial

HezTheProducer making a trap beat in Logic Pro X. in this logic pro x tutorial hez shows how to make a gunna type beat using our latest “Drip Season 2” MIDI Kit. We have more logic pro trap tutorials on the way so drop a comment if you want more.
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Adam Alsnayyan says:

Is you finna

J. Carson says:

Smh it seems too easy to make beats now..literally just dragging and dropping a whole loop

Johnny Guerrero says:

Dope tutorial! I never really used the Note repeater, but it def makes putting together the Hats a whole lot easier.

dick castle says:

This is a stony ass beat, I can smell the weed in the air thru the magic of the internet

Ace Frost says:

Im bout to start making beats

preston hensinger says:

I’m fina grind

trill full says:

how do you change the tone for when the bass slams

DonaldBBeats Loading says:

I want 2 see more your you Hez fr fr you dope



ThadHeiS says:

She got that million dollar, that million dollar ew ew ewww…. and Imma make her TAPOUT!


Lol he had those melodies ready tf ?

FamilyFun3132 says:

Nice beat, bro. Just needed to tightened up that last note on Track 4 (Wheezy 808 7). Kinda throws the groove off at the end of the bar. Otherwise, nice video. Gonna check out some of your midi packs and kits.

Jay Ryco says:

mans got 12104 unread emails

drewdjv says:

how did you get the gunna sounds at the beggining?

Lil Flush says:

great ad

Truthseeker says:

Thanks for the walk thru brother

Corey Pieper says:

this shits fire

Steve Yager says:

6:27 just selected all, right click and select “force legato.” This will make all the notes’ ends butt up against the next one. Saves time!

Eliseo Way says:

Good Video. Bad Beat

·I · V· Y · says:

What laptop are you using? And this video helped alot thx ^-^

SappSTAR K says:

dope af!

Brace -Agar says:

1:39 aight so first im fi.. im gonna put a clap XDD he held back the finna



milessmokingstrong says:

What buttons did he press to bring the keyboard up please help

Grizzly Beatz says:

Dope beat fam

Christian Pauchet says:

Where the f did you get that 808 from brother? Sounds dope!

B.J. Faulkner says:

Reminds me of the days when all I had to make beats on my mom’s iMac and I had an NFR copy of Logic Express 9 that an Apple rep gave me when I was working in music sales, a pair of Ultrasone Pro 650 Headphones, a bunch of drum samples and no keyboard or pad controller so I had to make beats exactly the way he’s doing now…using the keyboard keys in MIDI mode. Damn that took me back! Good shit!

Moogey Beats says:

hey @Producergrind 2.0 how do you record the screen and the persons voice at the same time??

VinDotCom says:


Ian Becker says:

how are yall not gonna play the beat at the end ?!

Oh Sure I Believe You says:

Last bar of the kick was off beat.

τoτaL says:

Garageband and Logic Pro X look so similar


Good music! Man

AKA The Sacrifice says:

what is he pressing to get the fill on the high hats while using note repeat?

That Awesome Podcast says:

Dope tutorial but check the audio levels into YouTube. Distorting like a mofo towards the end.

Félix Takanabe says:

thanks alot

Liam Connolly says:

Isn’t Logic Pro X basically garage band but 100,000 times better and other stuff and sound affects

Genuine Life says:

Didn’t know how to use that note repeat I’m going to use that today

Oh Sure I Believe You says:

The sample he went with…Cold Play…Paradise?

nounix 3 says:

Great video! Thanks for this! Can you please tell me how I stop this really annoying & time-consuming “Scanning Audio Units” process EVERY TIME I open the app? It’s crazy that every time I open the app it spends 10-15 minutes re-scanning the audio units!! 🙁 🙁 I’m sure that this is not supposed to be happening every time I open the app…

Dxvid 808 says:

L for using logic

Aleah Perfect says:

Drum Sauce hehe

Potato says:

What kinds MacBook does he have

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