Recording Vocals In Logic Pro X

In this video we look at recording vocals in Logic Pro X. We touch on set up, mic positioning and placement as well as ways to create more natural sounding takes in Logic Pro X.

Jay Wade came down to the studio to work on his first track “Bad Liqueur” and with such a great artist to work with I saw this as a great opportunity to demonstrate my vocals workflow. Full Song:

Download Template:


Siebe Pronk says:

When im talking in my mic, i only see one green bar in the output. In you’re video i see two green bars, the left and right one. How can i fix that?

Wack EJ Productions says:

How did he have a grouping like that with the tracks? That’s genius

TJ Keith says:

I use a foam pad behind my mic that my roommate had lying around his room! hahaha

I Am Joe says:

Im using the Kaotic Eyeball

Young Ivory says:


Tommy Campbell says:

Thank you!!!!!!

TwoSeven says:

We should collab. UK STAND UP

H Kay says:

Superb video.Thank you ! Great singing too.So you just prepare a stack to support each segment of song structure.Cool

Ruben Olsen says:

have logic to

Parashar Bhatt says:

Agree with progression man, went from a blackout yeti mic and a stand to a full setup with sound treatment, audio interface, monitors, headphones, and an AT2035 in within a year! So to all those that start with just a mic, your ahead of the curve because you took the effort to start

Whatever says:

how do you record that make your sound like the plugins you placed

Ricky Fiallos says:

How do I make stacks like that on the vocals track? Video for that? making beats is easy but structuring a chorus hook and verse is a little different.

MiKEY SANZ says:

focusrite scarlett gang ayyyy 3:33

Syrus Slater says:

I use panels. They’re about 4×6 and a set of 16 is like $13 on Amazon I believe. I spent $45 and have more than enough pads and a great sound. You can also create an acoustic shield out of it by gluing the panels onto a binder and hooking it behind your mic.

Enchilada45 says:

please support

Zubz says:

what equipment do u need for vocals?

John Stendahl says:

yo i just got started with logic how do you make those stacks for different sections(chorus,verse,etc)?

Kamohelo Moloto says:

yo, I don’t know I setup everything correctly but my vocals only play on the left side of the speaker/ earphone post recording? What could he problem possibly be.

MrMaxxProductions says:

thank you!!!!

Tego Luv says:

I am an Indi artist using Stdio one and I love it!!!! Hope to work with you soon check out my music on my page

JACOB R. says:

damn stephan’s voice sounds so damn deep

isa says:

What are some cheap mics you recommend to plug into my computer?

WhoopWhoopOPM12 says:

and this beat !

Triston Strudwick says:

cuh I’m using pillows lmaaaaaooooooo
thanks for the tip


I put a damn jacket around the mic

Robert Oti says:

Hi Stefan, how have you been bro, yeah I have a question, have you worked with UK rap, anything new for 2017.

JACOB R. says:

is it better to have the mic right side up or upside down?

Erick Valerin says:

Back again. Another question..wouldn’t using a splitter decrease sound quality in the vocalists ear when recording ? I just bought the scarlett 2i2 but was thinking of changing it for the 6i6 since it has 2 headphone inputs. Also, in my most recent recording I was noticing that on some parts the vocals were sounding robotic or like it had added artifacts and stuttering, not sure if you’ve ever had that problem, maybe it was because I had my buffer size too high ? I could send you a sample if you’d like.

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