The Basics of Mixing a Track | Logic Pro X

In this episode of Hyper Production we shall be looking at the essential basics you need to do in order to get a balanced and clean mix. We look at how, and when, to apply EQ & Compression and how to effectively make your time of producing a mixdown more efficient and quicker. Please note that this is a basic breakdown of what you need to do to gain the knowledge of early stages of mixing. There are far more possibilities and techniques that can be applied which will be explained in another episode of HyperProductionTV.


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WizTheMc says:

bruv shoutouts to your timeline, all these colours are so perfectly matched i almost cried

holler02me says:

Great video, very helpful, straight forward and right to the point!

Devin Fike says:

Great tutorial. You spoke clearly and at a good pace which made the tutorial easy to watch. The information was super helpful to me and I thank you for that.

Mike Molokhia says:

Loved it mate! Subscribed!!
Quick question tho. I noticed you left the click on when you where mixing the kick. Would you advice turning that off when you’re just starting out? I thought it was part of the kick frequency until I watched it through again.
Thanks for your feedback in advance.

Weli V says:

why I did not discover this fucking channel before ?

SPACE MAN81 says:

beautifully done

Ruben Olsen says:

have abbornt on you

OPT PR says:

Hey great vid. Would you mind touching on levels with me here real quick. I noticed that you kind of built everything around your kick which was peaking at 13db correct? And then I think you made sure not to allow any other sounds peak higher than that right? And then on the last part of the vid you showed how the master output was only peaking at 6 dB I believe. Is there a general rule of thumb on where you should aim to have the dbs at for each individual sound and also where the final output should be generally? Are these rules subject to change? Thank you

Eccentrick says:

Brilliant tutorial!

Roberto Villino says:

the intro sounds so good! Love it!

EricTheYounger says:

You forgot to adjust the threshold on the main synth compressor at 17:05. The loudness jumps up 10db not because of the compression but because of the plug-in’s auto gain.

Vehxome says:

anyone who needs their vocals mixed and mastered dm me on ig @vozebeats

Tell Me Why I Cry When I feel It says:


simon lloyd says:

great no nonsense lesson. the americans always seem to waffle about nothing.

Calvin Joseph says:

Thanks bro. First time looking at mixing. Like how direct you are, informative and concise. Quickly going back to the track to show what you are saying. Well done old chap!

IF IT Moves - Funk IT says:

You are the man 🙂 I totally agree with Steevo X Steveo. i have watched and tried many how to tutorials, and your video is one of the only ones that actually makes sense. thanks so much dude, again you are the man…

Shubham Kumar says:

Is this equally work for FL studio?

Junior Sinchi says:

what version of logic is this?

David Nasr says:

i am using 10.4.1 and i can’t color code it

TarunBryce says:

0:40 what is that banger in the intro ?

Scott Webb says:

Thank you for this lesson, I really got a lot out of it and I love your song. when I mix everything down to -13 db, Its so low in volume, I have to crank my audio interface up to the max to get any volume out of it How do I get that volume without peaking the stereo out as well as having to crank up the master volume? Thanks again.

Dorillien says:

Thank you so much legend

Cream Cream says:

was nice to watch it. very useful !

Durrelle Bryan says:

One thing I hate about music production tutorials is the pace people go at. But this guy wastes no time in explaining and moving onto next steps. I guess some of us are on the same frequency, if you know what I mean 😉

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