Transposing Apple Loops To Match Chord Changes in Logic Pro X

Transposing Apple Loops To Match Chord Changes in Logic Pro X Tutorial. I’m using the transpose feature in Logic Pro X to create chord changes in Apple Audio Loops.
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jesster816 says:

I’m only seeing as an option to transpose by + and – 12, 24, and 36 🙁 I’m in logic express. Does the thing you’re doing only work on Logic Pro?

Jack Nimble says:

This was very helpful and clearly explained. Thanks!

Sigrid Lee says:

Thanks, it was just what I needed! Very clear tutorial.

Ian Macel says:

Couldn’t you just join the region’s in place instead of bouncing it down? does it make any difference?

Jason Brango says:

how can i change the key of my kick (its not a apple loop)

TheColdWarVeteran says:

Great, a helpful and simple explanation. Thanks for the posting, Mr. Sell.

Judith Baker says:

I have been trying to figure this out THANK YOU!

S T says:

Very useful. Also some don’t change so well I figured out using flex can help them transpose cleaner on some

Les Coles says:

Great tutorial. Thanks Bob!

Tornado Girl FPV says:

I used the transpose tool for changing pitch of blue loops too.

Imon Shouquat says:

It’s a big problem managing major n minor chords.

wakeupscreaming says:

This was a feature in Sony’s “Acid Pro” for years and years. To be able to take a snippet of audio, and right-click and go higher or lower with the transpose — with .wav files.
I have tried all options to get this feature in Logic Pro, but to no avail WITHOUT USING APPLE LOOPS. I have dozens of sampling CDs, all in .wav format.
Call me a quack, but I think Apple is forcing people to use their proprietary format to be able to transpose pitch for audio files.
I’m not sure how Logic Pro converts all these .wavs to apple loops. Is it essentially duplicating everything? And then you’re forced into using it’s little browser? That’s a huge waste of space on my hard drive. And it’s a major hassle.
I don’t know how i’m going to convert hundreds of sample loops to simple be able to use them. And I know Apple could make the feature available to .wav files, but they are playing this little game with it’s users.

ME2U says:

What if the midi is not playing when you drag it in the region..please help..sometime the midi loop don’t play what is causing that and what should i be doing to correct this problem?

Mark Zwahl says:

Awesome. I’d been wondering about this and haven’t used the region inspector for much up until now and would NEVER have found this otherwise I suspect. Thank you.

motifes76 says:

wow, thank you so much!!!

Bob Sell says:

They came with Logic Pro X. Just make sure you “download additional content” option in Logic. Good luck…

Steve Birks says:

Very helpful . Thank you

antonyhume hume says:

this is one hell of a great tutorial – thanks

Guiye Ledesma says:

Thanks to share your knowledge !

Chris West says:

Thank you so much for this Bob. I can’t read music & don’t really understand keys etc. This made it so easy to understand.

Lux Twice says:

Hello M. Sell, thank you for another great video… I”d like to add something I noticed in case some people run into the same issue I had. When you choose another color track for your apple audio file, the option “transpose ” does not appear. Therefore after checking in the manual which said that the option works with either green or blue apple loops, I reimported my audio loop without assigning a color, and the transpose parameter appeared!

Amir Haider says:

Bob this was invaluable. Thank you so much buddy!

Matfarsan says:

Great tutorial! Easy to follow.

Supa Nova says:


Lollip says:

Great to the point video….

아트앤아트 says:

Thanks Bob Sell Brother !!! I love this video !!

Aleksej Tatarikow says:

Hi Dear! Don’t work this method in my Logic Pro X. How can to do enable this function ? You can help me ? Please!!!

james gordon says:

Thanks for the clear and concise tips Bob – exactly what I needed!

Chaz Russell says:

Thanks so much Bob!

Tom Riviere says:

Great! Thanks for the tip.

Gustaü & Puente del Diablo says:

That’s awesome!! Had no idea that was possible, very easy to comprehend too. Thank you, well done!

jkyles1000 says:

Very good little tricks. Thank you!

Siddharth Rajpoot says:

You took 11 min and tested my patience just to explain a simple thing which starts at around @8:00 .. Keep your video to the point and first explain what you have put in your title. then you can talk about anything you want. You could simply said that go to audio track and select transpose option. but no , you went on explaining difference between audio apple loop and then midi apple loop, etc etc…..

León Cremonini says:

Well explained! Im just getting started with logic x and it helped me a lot, thanks!

bileez says:

You can import the mandolin audio file in Celemony Melodyne Edit and change any note in any chord to create any new voicing you desired. So you can change a major 3rd note to a minor 3rd etc and other chords on any prerecorded audio. Just a note

RemyMill says:

Thanks for the knowledge!

Drunk Thirsty Cowboys says:

Bob, where did you get these loops? I have a hard time finding country loops.

BryTunes says:

Very helpful, thanks!

Bishop Bautista says:

Great explanation, thanks for the great share! Keep it up! 🙂

Johan Brodd says:

Where can one hear that song? I’d like to give some constructive feedback. So, if it’s on Soundcloud then you can get some good input from your audience. Good song btw!

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