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this video will show you how to trim clips and how to use the timeline in lightworks version 14. this video was made in 2018

Die Basics von dem Videoschnittprogramm Lightworks. Ich zeige Dir wie Du mit Lightworks Deinen ersten Film schneidest. _____________________________________________________________ Videos für Unternehmer, Existenzgründer und alle die sich für Video-, Bildbearbeitung, Design & Marketing interessieren © 2018 Oliver Lettmann _______________________________________________________ LETTMANN-WEB Tiny and Tricky Marketing Assistance * Marketing * Consulting * Print- und * Web-Design

Austin teaches a Video Editing Workshop focusing on the Lightworks Application. Lightworks is EditShare’s Academy and Emmy award-winning, professional Non-Linear Editing (NLE) software supporting resolutions up to 4K as well as video in SD and HD formats. In the last 25 years Lightworks has been used to edit some of the finest films in cinema […]

Sometimes we need to change the speed of a particular clip, or even run it in reverse. In this tutorial we explore the four different ways you can change a clip’s speed. Plus we look at how you can also reverse a clip in the same amount of ways. Lightworks is free to download and […]

How to edit multiple/lots of video clips quickly and easily using Lightworks. Lightworks is a professional non-linear editing system (NLE) for editing and mastering digital video in various formats, including 2K and 4K resolutions, and television in PAL, NTSC, and high-definition formats. It was an early developer of computer-based non-linear editing systems, and has been […]

this video will show you how to do a fast motion and a slow motion effect in lightworks v14 in 2018. changing the speed of a clip is actually very easy and this video will show you how to do it.

We look at a much asked question about problems with Transitions and how to solve that problem The Lightworks Video Series: Basics 1 – Basics 2 – Titles and Overlays – Working with Audio – Picture in Picture – Making an advert / Intro – Split Screen with Animations […]

Lightworks Tutorial: Another great Lightworks Tutorial on how to create a News Flash using only a newspaper article in .jpeg format and understanding of 3D coordinates. Firstly I will be talking about the theoretical side of the 3D part which includes the X, Y and Z coordinates and we will get right in it! Subscribe! […]

Lightworks Tutorial: Using the knowledge of ‘video routing’ the user can manipulate the functions of it to change the way a video may function by separating the video from the image therefore a rotation can be done. Subscribe! Tutorials Subscribe to This Gaming Channel! Official Website!

rhis video will show you how to add key frames to effects and audio in lightworks video

Lightworks Tutorial: Another video to show you guys how to edit in Lightworks and this time we are working with audio from basic trimming and muting to more advanced techniques such as background music muting I going to show you how to be better at video editing in Lightworks! Subscribe! Tutorials Subscribe to This […]

How’s it going guys, in today’s video, I am going to be showing you how to add your own custom text in lightworks. I’m also going to be showing you how to add some effects to that text without the need for any plug-ins! If you’re interested in ordering a design from me: here is […]

En este otro vídeo te enseño a edición muy básica de Lightworks pero con mejor audio. Lightowrks es un programa de libre acceso, con versión gratuita que limita a una calidad de exportación (720p) y la versión profesional, que admite todo. Para descargar el programa gratuitamente, presiona el siguiente link: Etiquetas: Lightworks Edicion basica […]

Lightworks Tutorial: Greenscreen is a very useful tool for manipulating videos and their scenic surroundings. In this video I will be showing you guys how to use greenscreen to not only adjust the background and change the background but also to make the manipulated video look realistic so the jet is actually moving through the […]

We’ll discuss how to get titles into our movies, as well as a couple of small tricks of how to get black screens into our movie. The Lightworks Video Series: Basics 1 – Basics 2 – Working with Audio – Picture in Picture – Making an advert / Intro – […]

A quick and simple tutorial about transitions in Lightworks 14 and a couple of other handy hints.

Für lustige Witze und Sprüche besucht mein neues Projekt

This is fast tutorial showing you how to trim your video in Lightworks. I know most people of probably know how to but some people don’t so I hope it helps! Enjoy!

Hey guys! In this video I am showing you how to get the split screen effect on your videos. This means having two videos playing side by side. This video was purely meant to help people, and it was not meant to be offensive in any way. If you have any questions or video suggestions, […]

In this tutorial we will be looking at using Lightworks v12 to apply a Chromakey effect to video material shot against a green or blue screen background.

ini adalah video tutorial editing menggunakan Lightworks untuk cara membuat timelapse dan slow motion. Jangan lupa kunci-kunci short cut keyboard yang ada di video dicatat supaya proses pengoperasian editing menjadi semakin cepat. Musik: – Open Road Gadget yang saya gunakan: Kamera: Sony A5100, Casio Exilim, iPhone 6s. Sound: Internal Sony A5100, iPhone 6s Tripod: Joby […]

In this Lightworks tutorial, the eighth in a ten part series, you’ll learn how to make simple real-time transitions on the timeline. By simple transitions, we mean effects that can be done on the video or audio tracks, and don’t require a separate FX track.

this video will show you how to perform an advanced chroma key / green effect in lightworks v14. this video was made in 2018 and is a lightworks video editor tutorial Use promo code TRIPPS_YEAR_LWKS_2018 to save 40% off of a one year subscription to Lightworks Pro with Boris Graffiti included!

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