Hey, we are going to look at 3 ways we can use splines to make neon type and signs inside Cinema 4D.

Who doesn’t love a bit of neon action?

I feel like one of the biggest requests I get is to create neon typography, and I love it! On top of that though if you’re working on a branding project it’s always nice to show the mark beyond its vector form, give it a bit of real world context – and a nice shiny neon sign of your new logo can be a great way to do that.

let’s jump straight in and I’ll show you the 3 ways I found to make these neon signs really quick!


kiran coolstar says:

why dont you show us how to reder 🙁

Cosmin Lazaroiu says:

Very good tutorial! Thank you! For the part at 11 min you could check “Separate Letters” in your text and then make it editable, start using spline union from there.

nmkrios says:

Great tutorial. Only wish you had gone through the materials.

Alexander Franke says:

Love your videos! Keep it up. Would Love if you could do a typography one.

Galo Alvaro says:

Cooolll!!!.. Great tutorial!!¡¡

Snuff Animations says:

You love working with splines. Hahahaha I liked it.

Hamza zaman says:

if you make one of the example which you showed in the start of the vedio and make from start to end thats maybe much better because we expect those stuff which we saw in thumbnail and the start of vedio and expect a tutorial which covers everything hopefully you take a look what i am saying

Krystian Szachno says:

Awesome tutorials!

Power Button says:


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