3D Modeling Made Easy with Cinema 4D R20 Volume Modeling

Learn how easy it is to model anything using the brand new Volume Modeling features in Cinema 4D R20 and why EJ absolutely loves the it and why he thinks it’s going to absolutely change the way you work in C4D!

Model a Rubber Hose Style Character: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSmRS-4BUGM

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:
In this Cinema 4D tutorial, EJ Hassenfratz shows you how you can use the new OpenVDB Volume Modeling feature in Cinema 4D R20 to create beautiful models super easy. This tutorial is for any level of Cinema 4D user and is specifically for Cinema 4D R20 users.

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Paul Atréïdes says:

i’m not convinced yet , the meshes looks jaggy and not clean , if only something box cutter and hard ops from blender were in c4d. it would be awesome .

Johny ; Five says:

so awesome EJ! thank u for showing it =)

Noob Artist says:

Holy Cheese 😀

kevin savuwa says:

thank you EJ for keeping us fed!!

Darkozl says:

Thank you 🙂 Could you do a mesh analysis on each object too? I’m sold man, for small and medium scenes at least.

Bat Max says:

EJ Always deliver incredible infos… Thank you so much man <3

Guimz.Visuals says:


el Procrastinador says:

genial grancias 🙂

corel key Cinema 4D Tutorial says:

Wow, Its realy amazing, there are lots of new feature in R20, The game changed,,,,,, : ), Thanks EJ…..

Shi Phm says:

Long time no see EJ, nice video as always 🙂

Mustang says:

Great video. Luv it!

neoqueto says:

What do you mean you wouldn’t know how to make a wedge of cheese like that traditionally? Booles are a thing. However I do agree that they’re terrible in cases like that, especially with bevels. I’ve done similar things like that with metaballs (and cloners) previously and it’s just a pain, nothing beyond a proof of concept.

Encore 4K says:

11:00 what if I want sharp clean edges?

Mike Ben says:

Hm, thats really a good step forward. But how dense is the mesh from the pillar example? I think really dense. And how will you unwrap such a pillar for texturing, or only use as higpoly for normalmap baking on a lowlpoly model?

Manoj Routh says:

hi, how did u get R20, how can I get R20, try version…
plz. tell me


Nice video. Very intuitive workflow. Is the resulting mesh easy to UV map and apply selection tags to after baking? Just curious 🙂

adil farhan says:

So cool Ej as usual… Thanks for sharing 🙂

Pedro Gordinho says:

Cheese Gromit.
Thanks for the tutorial.

Oziee says:

Hey EJ model 100k youtube play button

Yagnesh Chotaliya says:

Thanks for tutorial EJ, how can apply texture layer wise like boolean object in this workflow ???
Please reply

Mohammed Ali says:

Amazing intro to the new Volume Modeling as always, Thank you EJ

sharon palkowetz says:

What the FRAK, EJ!! This is so powerful! thanks for whipping out a tutorial so fast, too. I can’t wait to dig into this. And as you would know it…here comes a project 😀 You’re awesome!

Alan Murray says:

Brilliant video. New to c4d and this is very exciting.

Eduardo Castelo says:


David Smith says:

Love it. Would like to see you do the column.

Phat says:

3D Coat ideas came to Cinema 4d.

K J says:

Volumes is like MODO’S Fusion, but with the simplicity of Cinema 4d… Please make a full tutorial for building the pillar.

Christiaan Nel says:

Brilliant video. Please do a full tutorial on the modelling of the pilar 🙂

Antonius says:

Blind from teeth, EJ.=)

Chalk Co. says:

Love it EJ

Greg Pust says:

Hi EJ. Thanks for your great video! Please, can you tell me what is your Mac ? I’ve a 2013 Mac Pro 6 cores at home and a hole new iMac Pro 8 cores at work and I d’ont know if it’s OK for R20…

andrearusky says:

cool.. thanks.. the cheese looks cool, but the raspberry is so so, it’s too smooth, it doesn’t look realistic

Martin Diavolo says:

Nice! I would love to see more of this technique, plus I love the cracks effects.

Chosen Idea says:

3:54 “We don’t want to cut the cheese”. Oh, no we don’t. Brilliant video as always EJ.

Daniil Pautkin says:

Nice update!

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