Hey guys!

When it comes to branding it’s not uncommon for the mark to made up of both type as well as some form of graphic symbol to shape the identity

A Famous example of this is the Nike logo – made up of the word itself and the classic swoosh

With that in mind, I wanted to look at a cool way that we could animate between the two – We are going to dive in and have a play with the Boole tool and of course some mograph effectors for a fun animated finish

Let’s jump in and see how we can create this effect


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Андрей Маркевич says:


김자형 says:

Thank you^^

周靖 says:

nice work ! You use the Fracture to brake down “N” ,” I” , “KE” ?


nice work! you are best… , you use the effectors , this is incroyable…. Bravo

Scott R. Gray says:

Hi Sean,
Love all your tutorials.
I am new to Cinema 4D and I always wondered how to make a paint brush or pen writing on paper effect. I know you can draw along a spline or use wet maps to show tracks, but I was wondering if there’s a more natural and effective way of creating it. If you could give me some ideas on what tools and settings to look into to create this kind of effect, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

Tony Coffield says:

Cool tutorial, but look I have this idea unfortunately I have no idea as to what method should be used. I have tried many things but the outcome is horrible LOL. Please take a look at Jack Storms/ The glass sculptor, The CUBE is breath taking, how would I be able to mimic the cube in an 3D environment along with that outstanding yet colorful refraction?

Cinema 4D Tutorials SV says:

Very interesting and nice Tutorial! Thanks

Oedsch Stanton says:

Nice use of the boole 🙂 For the texturing i would use luminance, so u won’t see the carvings on the swoosh 🙂
overall nice one as usual. that’s why i subbed long time ago! hope to see more of these and u deserve far more subs!

Sean Dove says:

What other brands do you guys think would work great with this technique??

Jed Vincent Falcone says:

Could you say “We know each other. He’s a friend from work.” You literally sound like Thor. Anyway, your tutorial was amazing. Cheers!

Alejandro Lara says:

Dude! You’re my inspiration! Hello from Mexico City! Thanks for all, c4d teacher.

Joe Sullivan says:

Dude, You are awesome !!!

Slobbo Video says:

More DOF on the camera, please.

vyko says:

awesome tutorial with awesome quality, was a bit shocked when i saw that u only got 7,3k subs 😀 definitely deserve more

Greetings from an upcoming digital artist xD (i hope i make it into the branche)

Thi Uyên says:

:Excuse me, sir, what happened between 9:04 and 9:06? I noticed that the Polygon Object has gone and the Null inside of it went out. I tried to do the same thing but when I delete Polygon Object, my Nike looks bubbly and ugly. Also, I applied black material and white material just like you, but it didn’t respond like yours. Help me, pleaseee

Misbakh Khan says:


Leon Kerpel says:

Nice vid Sean, if i might make a suggestion… if you use the cineversity artsmart plugin you don’t have to save as ai8 anymore, you can even use colors and groups and layers straight from illustrator. Keep it up, cheers


thank you and happy new year 2018


Good evening, your tutorial is fabulous, thank you because you explain as a teacher.
could you explain to me how could I make a helmet example beat by dre or headphone.
i use a translator google to translate on french by english Loll 🙂

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