C4D Abstract Swirling Softbody – Cinema 4D Tutorial (Free Project)

Today we’ll be creating this abstract swirling softbody effect in Cinema 4D. We’ll use Softbody dynamics in C4D.

You can download the free project file too and use it in your own motion graphics work. Let me know if you found it useful!

– Dave Bergin

Shortcuts to Better Digital Art from a Freelance Digital Artist.

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Cinema 4D – Looping 3D Animation for Instagram and GIF

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Aran Jevi says:

Great tut! Particularly liked the Lighting and Texturing part! ;))

Short Tutors says:

materials ? render setting ?

ArgoBeats says:

Very nice, thank you… that step at 7:28 is useless btw, when the Force Mode says “Exclude” it means it takes in account all the forces in the scene.

msklaimelaim says:

The lesson liked it, but I eventually sphere somehow broken?!

Austin Pinilla says:

can you do the lighting and material tutorial for this one please

Missham says:

Thanks for sharing awesome tutorials every time! But I wonder how do you set the final video size because mine is always blurry when I post on IG.

VX VINES says:

I am not able to render it….when. I render a frame it just shows a ball

Anh Nguyễn says:

Could you share your experience on how to have the render result like in the thumbnail? (bright, soft color)? Thank you!

Calico Studios says:

Hey Dave, I was wondering if you have tried out turbulence FD? I have been experimenting with it for a project I’m working on, and I was wondering if you have given it a go?

Hussam Shaaban says:

I’m new here, thank you for your excellent explaining…
Greetings from Syria.

VX VINES says:

Hey cg shortcuts..next time involve texturing and lighting too

Rasmus Kuber says:

Love to see some soft body/cloth tearing up from a face mesh for example. Thanks 🙂 !

AnthonyRiiizle says:

how do we export this? mine just shows a sphere?

Irene T. says:

awesome video

Artwerkz says:

i’d add some rest length 10-15%

陳國建 says:


Joe X says:

Love the tutorials! Great stuff!

Haytham Dalank says:

Will this give a happy Friday 🙂

Алексей Юрасов says:

Thank you! But how to fix lag frame when spheres transform as soft bodies?)

Heng Wei Nien says:

Great tutorial !
I have a question about gap size between balls each other. How can I mack them more closer ? The Collision Margin is not work for the soft body tag. What I need to adjust ?

kakensa ronald says:

please keep it coming i love love in small beats but with bigger progress and your helping me achieve that

Video Origins says:

Wonderful Keep the continuation man !

chipy art says:

I wanna see character design

Mega Soft says:

Quality > Quantity I like it !

Megawatt says:

Bests tutorials overall! Never get tired to say this! Thank you Dave! Great stuff, as usual!

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