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Whatever happened to that Daniel Danielsson guy? Didn’t he make tutorials or something back in the day?

Here’s one on how to create a quick ripple effect in Cinema 4D that you can add to just about anything. It’s particularly effective at making your Statues of David extra AESTHETIC:
03:56 – Introducing Dave
04:48 – Adding ripples with the Formula Deformer
05:55 – Adding ripples with a Plain Effector
06:38 – Activating Deformation on the MoGraph effector.
07:07 – Making Dave buffer & grumpier
07:29 – Controlling the ripples with the falloff.
08:01 – Making it actually ripple
08:32 – Animating the ripples
10:53 – Making the ripples go all over David’s body
12:09 – Making the ripples loop perfectly
12:50 – Animating using the Spline Animation Speed

Please give me all your Q’s in the Qomments!

Intro & Outro – Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It by Ice Cube
Teaser Video – The Sims Soundtrack: Buy Mode 1 by Jerry Martin and Marc Russo
Background – Cello Concerto No. 1 In C Major by Joseph Haydn

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Kirill Urusov says:

Lol, very fan))) So gently)

KADbIK says:

I think I’m in love with you.

Arthur Lefevre says:

Please excuse me Daniel, I’m French, so I didn’t have a good English, but I have a question for you bro:
Where did you study? And what can you say about university? I’m sorry if you haven’t understood all…

Gabriel liu says:

so lovely.

Adrian DS says:

Was the glitching overall effect made in AE??

HuskyArts • says:

Awsome tutorial thanks <3

Elena P says:

OMG! At last ! You came back! <3

Rory Chockman says:

Never Leave again

Mad Hadder says:

stripe tease Q&A is all the latest rage.

Elena P says:

About a year ago or so i have sworn to myself i will buy your cource if you are teaching any, even if i will have to sell my kidneys. And here we go… Daniel is making a cource. xD
few questions i have , if you please.
– Daniel, are you working in broadcast, or is that only freelance jobs you are making for clients?
– Why did you choose Arnold for rendering?
– For how many years are you in motion design?
– Were you always in mo- design, or maybe you have suddenly changed your life direction and came into motion?
– since i have been waiting for cource – maybe you could revial the secret of who is your cource for : noobs or more experienced designers?
ps: thank you !
pps: somehow the way you are explaining is the most exeptable way for me, even more exeptable than on my native languages.

Nadatik says:

Nice to see that! I asked for this in your survey 🙂

rocky halder says:

You come back with a bang. Is the plugin paid or free?

Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez says:

hahaha el beepo!

Grz Nutt says:

what’s your story? how did you get into motion design?

Main says:


D Kindness says:

will u be my daddy?

Mixed Content says:

great one man,i liked how you replied quickly to my tweet and you gave me some ideas,you remember the quick tut that u made for me lol,thanks i mean it,damn i love this guy. keep it up and keep em good tuts coming.

Johny Channel says:

What are the best resources to using arnold as a beginner in c4d?

Mad Hadder says:

put the ripple on the nipple !

Creepy- Animator says:

The video return was awesome but…

what the fok? el beepo doesn’t mean anything in spanish… puedo decir eso porque hablo español desde que soy niño :v

Adrian DS says:

So glad you’r back man!! Love your tuts!!

V X Z TV says:

Pls render link (free:)

Aquib Hussain says:

83rd liker

Anastasia says:

Senpai is back ✨

UltraG LUN says:

Moreover, could you upload your time elapse ‘Lights’ onto Youtube Channel? That was Awesome and I’d like to share it to my friends~

MonkaS says:

How did you decide you wanted to teach yourself so much about everything that is 3d?

Gordon Barry says:

when’s the release date of this course. take my money!

Mega Soft says:

The legend has returned !
btw i will definitely be buying that course once its out !!
but try keeping it nice and low on my wallet 😉

Niels - VIDEO 4 says:

I’m creating tutorials as well, so I’m interested in your style of narration. Do you have any good tips for creating a good voice-over? Do you record the voice-over at the same moment of your screen recording, or after the screen recording in post?

V4ka1 says:

Have you used Octane before? if so, would you make a tutorial with it?

Dat Ery says:

I would like to know how to make a realistic fire impression without any plugin or anything, there is very few content on that on youtube on C4D. Thank you, you’re awesome <3

Arx says:

Q: How did you get into motion graphics and where did you learn all that?

Iftekharul Abedeen says:

Back to business baibe!

Mad Hadder says:

when you didnt get the joke and u really want el beepo.

Chad Ashley says:


Joe Sullivan says:

This channel is getting a bit memey

Michael Mike says:

Will the course be” affordable”? 😉

Rashmi Kharche says:

How big is your pickle?

Ular Bek says:

U r best!!!

Zachary Blais says:

where will the course be available? will it cost something? i would be glad to pay for this.

Leey Shingie says:


Omar Shalaby says:

This tutorial is very useful thanks bro , and I had a question why you use Arnold render instead of octane , I think octane is widely used ?!

Michael Motion says:

What plugins do you use in c4d? Or essential plugins that you wish you knew starting out?

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