( / ) C4D TUTORIAL – Infinite Blooming Flower

Part one of the Alien Flower tutorial series – on how to create & animate a growing and infinitely blooming flower in Cinema 4D.

In Parte Uno we create and animate the flower petals, clone those into a flower shape, time offset them to make it bloom. Then we shade the flower and loop the animation.

00:33 – Creating the flower petals
02:42 – Animating the flower petals
06:24 – Cloning the petals into shape
07:09 – Using time-offset to form the Flower Shape
08:39 – Adding dynamics and thickness to the flower
11:15 – Shading the flower
14:49 – Looping the animation

Part 1 – Flower: That’s this video tho…
Part 2 – Plant: https://youtu.be/kXCfO8Q3km0
Part 3 – Puddles: http://youtu.be/niKEY77iaTM
Bonus! – Planet: https://youtu.be/O0jMtE6toLc

Teaser Video – Nobody Speak by DJ Shadow / Run The Jewels
Intro & Outro – Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It (Instrumental) by Ice Cube
Background – Cello Concerto No. 1 In C Major by Joseph Haydn

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Garett Gioia says:

Top-tier tutorial skills: Perfectly concise. Clear audio. Efficient workflow. Entertaining editing. 10/10. Thank you.

Nived MJ says:

can you gyz tell me what processor and graphics card is best for c4d?

Marienkarpfen says:

Hello Mr Danielsson.. I really like your tutorials and am very impressed by how you make the flower look alieny..
Could you make a texturing workshop or something? I want to make cool designs and stuff but dont know how to use noise and ramps and where to plug it all in and such (Im using Arnold and Max)

EvaanArtz. says:

Man you is an VERY best designer, nice voice +1 sub

partypixel says:

somehow my petal bends around at the end. at the 2nd bend

M0V says:

Oh my god, this is so gorgeous! Man you are great!

You cannot win an argument with me. says:

So peaceful with the classic music, keep it up!

Swesher LALKA says:

Thanks so much for such video. I really loved. Which render effects do you use?

amit salvi says:

Daniel please give me your beautiful voice… 🙂

djblast101 says:

awesome video man keep it up

ArenasMedia says:

Man … Awesome tutorials! Keep’em coming!

SakHawAt Arzoo says:

what a Voice! and perfect tutorial .

Ahmed Rafik says:

I have some problems with the jiggle deformer and the turbulence I do exactly wat you have done but no effect

Sijo Varghese says:

Amazing tutorials 😀

cedra crak says:


TheMods Player. says:

how to get those render settings???

ginseng says:

Thanks for this. Nice commentary aswell

vipin meshram says:


Xie Elvis says:

cool man! Thank you.

Rahma Triki says:

Your Channel is my best!

Chan Vincent says:


Alex Plays says:

Im a “newbee” in C4D and I understand all what you did 🙂 Thumbs up! Greetings from Germany!

Luck Lê says:

omg, your voice @@

abdo sapony says:


Waner says:

The cloth surface ( 9:34 ) won’t do for me for some reason

Tony Mirow says:

Hi, thank you again for this amazing tutorial, really professional !!! However, I need your help it’s possible? After 50 frame, the edges of the petals go through the other one. It’s not ugly and not really visible with the animation, but it’s not perfect as your? I thank that it was the cloner, but I made it again step by step and I have always the same problem? Thank!

Me lo says:

wow, great efficient tutorial! Thank you

Main says:

That Classic make me sleepy

Łukasz Kondek says:

Brilliant! Very good tutorial!

Aleksandr Varshavin says:

I do not work the simulation of the fabric.
What have I done wrong?

Neeraj kr. Jha says:

Which software you used to record your Keyboard and Mouse Actions?

H R says:

exelente video, tienes un sub nuevo amigo

Aaron Bowley says:

instant subscribe

于磊 says:


乔慧安 says:

wow!love ur voice~and ur work!

viajuiceology says:

hey Dan’. long time; first time.
i thought to comment/commend;
read few top comments …
scrolls back up and finishes watching video.

JOhn Rohnson says:

do you do voice overs?

Saleema Akhtar says:

Dear Daniel,

I was just checking your website and found this rose on the project you did “The X” and I felt I have seen the tutorial somewhere and came here to check in Youtube and didn’t know it was by you yourself! I also found it amazing that you also made the music for “About Time” ! You are extremely talented and I look forward to your talk and meeting you on the 10th of July! –


Kainkun says:

whats the difference between correction and FFD deformers?

minee minee says:

can want this software software its free??pls tel me

yang guo says:

AMAZING tutorial! and I’m smitten by your voice 😉
Thanks Dude! Wish you could produce more Tutorials~

Zs T says:

thank you so much************

شرف الدين الغرناطي says:

thank you so much
your voice is awesome man

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