C4D TUTORIAL | Simple Cute House (Ultra-Beginner)

I noticed there are a lot of new people starting with Cinema 4D every day, so I made a very detailed tutorial for you guys.

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Ariel Salinas says:

Have you considered Patreon? I would gladly support you for more tutorials like this, thank you!

Annna Young says:

Awesome! Love your tutorials.

Matrizen Design says:

One of the best tutorial on YouTube. Really! Good job, and keep it going on!

Jeremy Johnson says:

Hi, I was following the tutorial and when I grouped my door decorations, a small dot would appear on the door and would get rid of the decorations when deleted. Why is this dot here? Any help on how to hide it or remove it would be much appreciated.

Paula Ceballos says:

Hi! I’m trying to do the extrude move in 15:41 but even after I rotate the face of the cube, it’s still moving the whole object. Can you help?

jakers4000 says:

This tutorial is so nice! Thank you, it has inspired me to download C4D

rtyuj rtu says:

ultra beginner is something like making donuts with lights in 5 hour long video, not teaching exclude include keybindings, its soo fast, great tuto nonetheless, thumbs up

Mateus Geronimo says:

congratulations I have been looking for this type of video for a long time and I found in a very simple language, once again congratulations

Anton D. says:

u are the best. thank u!

Stephen Missah says:

Thanks 🙂 you mouse is hard to see/follow

billthomas Flo says:

Very nice . thanks for a great tutorial !

My Life My Rules says:

nice video …….. Dear plz for make a Tips Fast Rendring {Save} Video From cinema 3D……………….Please I am very worried

AME Dost says:

i started using c4d for nearly 3 years and i just know stupid things, and ive never found anything useful like this thx so much

LoadUp says:

I lost you at 0:00 to 33:44 sry rly not ultra begginer u say this stuff excpeting an ultra begginer to understand

Lightning VFX says:

Pls make more tutorials like these. Subscribed

Michael Mirchandani says:

Thanks again, always awesome tutorials! 😀

billthomas Flo says:

Forgot to add…….Glad it’s not speed art. That way we can learn something.

Фарик Махмудов says:

Спасибо http://prntscr.com/gsodal ))

Farrukh Baig says:

Hey there, bro i need cinema 4d full crcked software, if anyone have plz share. I’m really into this so plz … Twistereli

Ádám Naggy says:

Learned so much! cant thank you enough

Xandercorp says:

Thanks a lot, man. I learned a lot and built my own house after your tutorial. <3

Сергей Сергей says:

Awesome tutorial! Thanks a lot!

aqmalzbz ibnzakaria says:

Very nice tutorial! Would it be okay for you to make a tutorial on how to animate after creating this?

BubblyBubble says:

This is helpfull.

Dank Rodrigues says:

I just went from being able to do nothing to learning most of the basics and starting work on my own project. Great tutorial. Subscribed

son gohan says:

hi thanks for this awesome tutorial.
by the way, arent you the same guy that run youtube channel mobox?

Roberto Durante says:

One of the best tutorials ever. Thanks for this. I just recently moved from maya to cinema4d for work and I’m totally lost with c4d. Thanks!

Pmpvd lir says:

I didn’t knew it was that easy! Of course, we need to click the mouse & think at least to do the basics 🙂 Now I am planning to fire-up Cinema 4D & try it whether it will be my travel-friend.

니로 Niro says:

Can you make lego city?

Twistereli says:

00:30 Step 1: House shape
03:38 Step 2: Doors & Windows
11:42 Step 3: House details
13:30 Step 4: Floor & Garage
16:24 Step 5: Doorsteps
18:12 Step 6: Bushes
20:14 Step 7: Swing
22:27 Step 8: Adjustments
23:17 Step 9: Lighting
25:08 Step 10: Materials
32:41 Step 11: Rendering

Mateus Geronimo says:

please make more tutorials

Charles Ansong says:

He can really teach.

Neto Next says:

amazing tutorial man

Siscar Pedro says:


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