Cinema 4D Beginners Tutorial Light Balls

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JAY says:


Danijel Ćelić says:

I entered C4D for the first time, found this video on YT and made it. That means that you sir made a great job! Thank you very much, sir!

s4 League says:

Can some1 plz help me im stuck im using cinema 4d the new one in 2016 and my reflection options are different than this video… one doesnt event have any reflections and the circle isnt that soft here is the proof….HELP ME plz! i dont know what i did wrong:

Jingle Bell says:

Nice Jordan, May I know the minimum spec of a PC that Cinema 4D can handle?

Bizz says:

there isn’t rigid body in simulation tags in r17!!

Ease says:

Your mic is a potatoe

Rewben says:

When I go to “dynamics body”, there’s no “ON” option. There’s only “off” and “ghost” options, and neither of them work. Could you please help me out?
P.S. I’m usinc Cinema4D R14.

Andy Travis says:

thanks man…
like it …

anisnej10 says:

You know how to make things like that in Cinema4D, but your desktop background is a google stock image? lmao.

Kamal Dajani says:

For some reason the light isn’t showing up on the floor when I do a preview render. Can anyone help plz?

Christopher Dean says:

Thank you for post this video; it was very easy to follow.

Vincent Tadeus says:

thank for tutorial

aaron mckee says:

Anyone know of a torrent for this

Alexander Franke says:

Hey! The thing when you select and do the white rings on the ball. Can you do that to text? Select certain areas?

JS Studios with Han Solo says:

Yo thanks for the tutorial!
This was the first thing I replicated in Cinema 4D

MG The Future says:

This is old, but it thank you for taking your time to explain this.

MiriaMMiriade says:

you are great 🙂

George Greek Trucker says:

Hey I’ve got a question .. I’m on R13 .. looking to find a way to scale just one axis ie. the Y but what happens is all 3 scale together. Is there a setting I can use for that please?

Polina Vetsen says:

Thank you so much, you have a wonderful, clear instruction style. Much appreciated!

Trudel Alexandre says:

This is shit tuto.

Afterglow AMVs says:

theres no refelction tab in r17, theres a reflectance tab but it doesnt work the same

Epic Hotdogs says:

I don’t have rigid body option and how you set your sphere and floor to wireframe

Nima Tari says:

the balls doesent reflect

Austin Mallon says:

Love this, currently making a bunch of vj clips based on it. nice work!

HappyFlareon says:

ITS NOT WORKING (sorry for screaming I’m just really Angry)

CoolPixelDesigns says:

nice video tut. thank you man. keep up

iamgriffinz says:

i can’t on dynamic how to fix ???

Trent Thomas says:

Idk why my dynamic doesn’t have an on button?

Apollo 15 says:

My balls won’t reflect at all

Stevo Browne says:

cheers m8, much appreciated i did good thanks to your helpful tutorial, very helpful thank you very much


u r so tellented! keep it up 🙂

Gary Harney says:

Mine isn’t able to render view, The screen just turns black. Any ideas?

aresgod112 says:

How to make a quicktime movie out of the action they are having when they are dropping down ?
Thank you

SwimmingUpCurrents says:

This is a good tutorial, but a lot of the controls and preferences have changed in the newer versions. So if you’re just starting out (like me) this can cause confusion. Good tut though, I’m going to check out your more recent ones 🙂

Mint says:

thank you 🙂

MaxynGamings says:

Hey Cara Me Ajudou Muito,LIKES,Very Cool Man

4D World says:

like it

Austin H says:

Very. cool. thank you.

Duster Gamer says:

cinema 4d r13 ainda ohohohoh

DOGE says:

i cant see the rigid body option in simulation tags for sphere.. can you help?

oo says:

thank you ! well explained, straight to the point

u look starved. says:

This is amazing! great tutorial! Sub!

✪ Mire says:

i have r17 and i can’t figure out how to divide the sphere into segments like you did. the sphere just looks solid with no grid, even though i can change the number of segments. help?

Gamerul Yolo says:

I want to make an Animusic video!

Alina-Faith Cameron says:

Great tutorial. Stuck on the last bit though, after adding the global illumination and rendering the balls still looks pixelated. Like they did before I added the global illunimation. Is there another way to get around this on R15. They render settings don’t have the same options as R13.

Jan Mazoch says:


Lewlew066 says:


Elly Chandz says:

hello. I’m using c4d demo, where to find the greyscale light?

Thank you and keep up the good work.

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