Cinema 4D R20 tutorial – Inflated text animation

G’day guys, Sean Dove here – back with another Cinema 4D quick tip!

Today I wanted to take a look at how we can create this fun text inflate animation using the pose morph tag to drive it.

To initially set this up we are going to be using a technique that EJ from Eye Design recent showed us. In his amazing tutorial he shows us how to create these cloth inflation simulations and gets absolutely incredible results! So using his technique we are going to art direct an inflated and deflated state of our text then take advantage of the pose morph tag and the new falloff system to have full control animating between the two different states.

Make sure you check out EJs tutorial also, Ill leave a link down below – his understanding of cloth dynamics and anything Cinema 4D related for that matter really is second to none and I must say I owe a great deal of what I know to him – Cheers EJ

With that said, lets jump in and have a play!


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Yakser says:


Naimul Islam says:

Please say, ” We know each other, He’s a friend from work” with an Australian accent 😀 nice tuts anyway

Melanie Belenki says:


Tolawak Gelana says:

We want more of her 🙂

CatastrophiC says:

Haha man, its wonderfull when a girlfriend share with you those kinds of things, good tutorial dude!!!

Дито Шаматава says:

hi! thx for videos, by the way do you know how to prevent cloth self intersect?

missodessa says:

The asmr bit almost made me leave the whole video and throw my computer out of the window.

Igor Timofeev says:

Nice! I’d suggest to make a little of automation. You have a lot of manual copy-pastes here. Have you tried to clone the attractors along the text volume?

tariq sabbagh says:

can you help us Can you help us with colors?

Yggrassil Digital says:

i love your tutorial because when you speak you smiling always and energetic

Chat Box says:

Sound Clickbait Thumbnail are pretty very nice color and so on .But tutorial end up without any material… why you didn t put a poore grey Letter in you thumbnail then ?
becarefull many peopples can give you a dislike just for that

slackdave says:

….is this some sort of ASMR subscribe campaign?

Cliff Alexander says:

Lol! Beautiful bastards! Lol

Evan Manni says:

lol! what the f#%k was that. beautiful who… I’ll let it pas coz u cute

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