Cinema 4D Tutorial – Blowing Bubbles Using Soft Body Dynamics

Learn how you can create realistic blowing bubbles using Soft Body Dynamics in Cinema 4D!

Intro to Soft Body Dynamics in Cinema 4D:

Creating Soft Body Dynamics Strings in Cinema 4D

Learn Cinema 4D Dynamics Playlist:

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:
In this Cinema 4D tutorial, EJ Hassenfratz shows you how you can utilize soft body dynamics to create a bubble blowing up! This tutorial is for beginner and advanced users, and those familiar with dynamics.

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iTucseon GR says:

Keep going

3D Tutorials In HD says:

plz sample scene plz 🙁

Andres Arboleda says:

You are the best

Mark Elliot says:

Sorry to bother you, but for some reason my tube moves also at the very beginning of the tutorial at first animation playback…vR19 any thots? thanks

이웅진 says:

always thanks EJ !! this is awesome

ОЛЬГА Пичугина says:

good evening! I did similar work yesterday only with Bitcoin

Jorge Martínez says:

EJ, marry me. Best tutorials ever.

Ryan Kramer says:

Good god your teeth are WHITE. O_o

radi0n says:


Arun Plongtong says:

I am looking for a new computer. Do you have any recommendations for me? I just want to make sure that I have something like you guys.

Cinema 4D Tutorials SV says:

Very nice tutorial! I’ll try it with Redshift 🙂

Tsz Kwan Chan says:

Hello EJ! Thank you for the tutorial! I have a problem to let the second bubble pass through the tube. Right now, I have made keyframes on enable the Dynamics, however, it stuck in the middle of the tube.

Drew Nix says:

This was awesome. Enjoyed the bubble sound fx. LOL

gregkrazanski says:

looks sweet. just for education’s sake, it’s pronounced “flek-shun” like to mean “amount of flex”, not “flek-see-on”

Laissez - faire says:

And is it possible to use the spline rig method to make the wrist connect with the Palm that connects to the fingers? I tried using your ik spline method separately with the wrist hand and fingers but the capsule objects don’t connect…I don’t know if there’s a constraint or a tag or snap tool method to keep the fingers intact with the hand

Miguel Eduardo says:


Мария Галеева says:

Great tutorial! Thank you.

SAKUJO says:

Wait, since when was Octane released on Mac. Can it work efficiently on a MacBook pro Early 2015 better than default render. I’m using Arnold 1.8

Hatim Jawad says:


maggie H says:

I love it:) thank you

Parul Sharma says:

Why are you so awesome?

Ahmed Amar says:

Thanks EJ you are the best instructor ever.

laplanddream says:

Awesome! ~~~Thanks a lot~~~~
I will try to do it with arnold.

Max Damage says:

Hi, EJ! Watching your tutorials all day long – it’s awsome! The best!
Is there any way to render cartoon styled animation(like your LemonGuy) very very fast? Maybe using R19 Hardware Rendering?
I mean not photorealistic, but good enough for production? It’s possible?

Jamie Barron says:

Hi EJ — Great stuff here. Question: If you were going to do 100’s or 1000’s of bubbles would you do this the same way or is there a smart way to scale this technique for many bubbles?

Ashish kumar says:

hey… please make your tutorial little slow your tutorial is bit fast keep it little slow

Eder Puentes says:

Amazing work!!!

Dirty Dena says:

Startin on this now, lets see how long it takes lol. Thank you for coming out with great content =]

Ben Gregoire Design says:

Thanks EJ!
I typically avoid softbodies, for it’s one of the easier ways to crash CInema4d.
This is really great though!

Juliana Moreli says:

Great tutorial as always!

John Paul Francisco says:

Just been back from holidays! Great way to start the day, Thanks EJ!

Yue Wu says:

THANKS EJ your tutorial so thorough and helpful

Wayne _Dago says:

may i know what graphics card yur mac is running? since your mac works with octane

Rasha Mingazov says:

Люблю этот канал)

Michel GONZALEZ says:

Great !!!! Good job !!

BLUE FOX Creation says:

Thank you

Javier Reitbaj says:

Marvelous! Where did you get the HDRI Studio Rig? What type of render do you use? It would be right watching texturing as well;)

Sumit Artwork says:

Great Tutorial EJ! as always made my own version of this bubble animation thanks to you

Anh Nguyễn says:

Thanks for keep sharing EJ

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