Cinema 4D Tutorial – Cloth Simulation Using Soft Body Dynamics

Learn how you can create cloth like simulations using Soft Body Dynamics and Dynamic Connectors in Cinema 4D!

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:
In this Cinema 4D tutorial, EJ Hassenfratz shows you how you can use Soft Body Dynamics and Dynamic Connectors to create cloth simulations in Cinema 4D. This tutorial is geared to beginners with previous knowledge of Dynamics or intermediate to advanced users wanting to learn more about Soft Body Dynamics and Connectors.

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Márk Zalavári says:

Thank you very much! Just would like to fix some points on the soft body and fix it and move as it does at the cloth > dresser > Fix points. Could you help me? thx

ᄋ띵띵 says:


Ahmed Amar says:

I do not know how to thank you EJ, I am learning a lot from your tutorials… THANKS BRO

Cullen Hassel says:

Does this not work with animated objects? when I put it the cloth over an animated figure it just falls through?

이민수 says:

I am looking at your image interestingly.
Can you put up a science fiction cinema 4d on YouTube?
Could you tell me your email address?

Lasha Ghlonti says:

can you record video how to make tank treads or wheel ?

Oziee says:

Awesome tutorial Edward! as always.

Bagus Prasetyo says:

how long does it take to render in your machine?

enterb says:

nice. 🙂 thanks alot.

but one question. when i got an daz model with around 50k polygons for example. why does it always break / tear apart the plane? too much polygons?

Tom Fletcher says:

How do you get the C4d file for this? I’d love to just get those lights and material settings for that look for a person project.

José Paulo Guimarães says:

Great tutorial, as always!

dilaDIJDF says:

Can you upload the contents of Light Studio? The rendering result is very different from what i expected. Your tutorial is always useful and will help me a lot. Thank you.

이대희 says:

Thank you sir. Can you teach me how to make that texture??

Rofi fx says:

Thanks for tutor !

Jacob White says:

First… Notification Squad

Jesus Christ says:

How to make a toy type material, u know, the tradition toy material c4d artist like using

Mast says:

i first like and then watch. you rock man!

ОЛЬГА Пичугина says:

Yes it is beautiful, it is possible and to bring flying flying))) Where is my lion?
Thanks for the nice lesson!

ali karama says:

Nice One ……….. I love it

Evan Rogers says:

@eyedesyn, Aside from all the awesome tech and art direction information you include in your tuts, your personal positivity is infectious. Thanks for kicking my day off with a fresh tutorial and a smile!

Mrac Brim says:

Dude! it was just about time for your video to be watched and learned! Thanks a million eyedesyn! hopefully this will work in my clothes experiment today ^___^

Saqib Hussain says:

you are my teacher 🙂

Corrinne Wang says:

Can’t thank you enough for creating such informative and relatively easy to learn tutorials!

Ellote jake says:

you tutorials almost change my life,now many friends around me like using Cinema 4D,it is a miracle,although some of them just from irrelevant major,i acquaint many new friends,so i reckon it absolutrly become my precious treasure in my college。

Juon says:

cool! I’m new to C4d, i wonder how you make these fancy material on the torus and sphere. do u have a tutorial about this? thanks man!

Joe says:

EJ your tutorials are really helpful!

Andy Buchan says:

I’d love to see a quick version of this for Octane (materials). How you setup the HDRI with a grad like that.

Arthur Manyenya says:

it looks like a cool magic trick…. thank you for sharing…. i really enjoying your videos….

Dirar Mousa says:

just watched an add for my bro EJ

Haseeb Khorami says:

Nice One Bro Keep Posting I love it 🙂

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