Cinema 4D Tutorial compositing (3d animations on 2d images)

New fxchannelhouse tutorial, for Cinema4D, compositing 3d animation with 2D images to create realistic environments, casting some awesome shadows.
No third party plugins for ilumination – fast render setting for animation – with G.U and Ambient occlusion.
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Tutorial sample files to follow up :

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Nenad Bogoevski says:

Looks like we have pro here explaining some things. Never seen anyone on yt working so fast. Great job

Trevor Whitney says:

Okay how do you get rid of that backdrop look where the two planes intersect?

Pun Tech says:

You can watch now cinema 4d hindi tutorials on pun tech

NiNjA Xd ScOPe says:


Ilirian Haziri says:

I cant see this render as a videoits just a normal photo reder, how do I make the balls to move as an animation render

That Guy Nick says:

is it just me or are there feet under those ball things… its like someone is walking and then clearly turns around

shatticentre says:

please use a high quality microphone!!!!!

Kapil Soni says:

Such a simple screen take such huge rendering time. Only because you randomly going with modeling without thinking about the entire concept from scratch. Not efficient with rendering time but nice tutorial overall.

streeture says:

This desert is the bonneville salt flat right? I’ve been there 3 weeks ago 🙂

Fazer softi says:

your channel and your works are amzing dude great jobs !! really !!

richel h says:

in your example video, I saw some feet. Is that anything I can achieve in ae or c4d. A person like behind the balls ?

danthestriker says:

Hey, great tutorial! thank you for making it.

DO you by any chance know the title of the song used in the intro, i tried to find it. But had no luck

Pyro says:

If you read it:
Like I see when you render it in cross of this two planes is a “shadow” from AO, you can remove this in compositon tag excluding “seen by AO” 🙂

Alessandro Annovi says:

take a look for shadow direction, great mistake.

Luis David Tutorials 3D says:

Really good tutorial!!

Feridun Akgüngör says:

i think you make a tutorial this video!

crmp advert says:

kindly make this tutorial bro Turn a picture into a 3D object with cinema4d and after effect

Oskar Henningsen says:

I need a software for rendering 3d animations in real motion video,
which one do you recommend? (using mac)

Reem Ahmed says:

love it

Austin H says:

Keep water next to you while you’re making vodes. The content is great but your dry mouth is litterlay making my stomach turn.

FranCo says:

É tuga

Mourad Salmi says:

great job brother keep going we love you

TechSin StrangeVolume says:

my render goes black only the ball its visible

Mahmoud Mousa says:

u are the one i really follow
ur art is amzing and simple way thanks alot

Guillermo Coppini Richmond says:

as I remove the horizontal line of which the two plane?

InFamous Productions says:

thanks bro, you made it nice and simple. keep up the good work

Guillermo Coppini Richmond says:


MOH FX Sahraoui says:

Great tutorial ,the music please !!

Olav3D Tutorials says:

Looks like a proper commercial, good job!

4D World says:

good tutorial

dilan dog says:

dude you look like Vin Diesel with hair,by the way great video

DarkSagan says:

Great job.

Talha Zaryab says:

Music name please.

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