Cinema 4D Tutorial – Create a Detailed Mars Landscape Using Octane Displacement

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In this Octane tutorial, we’ll learn how to combine procedural noises to create terrains, then add multiple layers of displacement to them. We’ll look deep into fog settings, composition, lighting, and color matching techniques. Next we’ll learn how to create displacements by baking out C4D’s default noise types, as well as jumping into World Creator for more advanced terrains. Finally, we’ll create canyon walls and a vertical composition, as well as optimizing the scene. See below for Kitbash3D & displacement map links!

Helpful Links David mentioned:
World Creator:
Real Displacement Textures:
The Rock Essentials:
Osiris LUTs:

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David’s List of Essential Octane Resources:

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zadran chinal says:

Do you have WhatsApp number?


our lord and savior jesus is back

David SAWCHAK says:

The tip about inverting Poliigon glossy maps for Octane roughness maps is gold

Ahmad Bahram says:



Brilliant, thanks for share you knowledge David!

bayProton says:

I watched this video with much more attention and pleasure for an recent action movie 😉 thanks a lot for this.

Could anyone help me what kind of machine do I need for making those kind projects?

As far as I know I need pc rather than mac.
What I was told:
intel core i7-8700K CPU
Nvidia GTX 1080 TI 11Gb

Obviously those beauties are very expensive(actually those are deserve that prices) for me for the personal pleasure hobby :/ (may be in the future I can be a professional who knows ;))

Anyway, David you gave me a kind of energy and huge thank you for that. You are grate!

ayeplex says:

Can you make a tutorial on how to earn money for buying a new gpu 🙁

MrBoko1234 says:

With a 750 TI and i5 4430, 8 GB ram, is it possible to use octane at a normal speed and make something like this ?

Doctor Disco says:

I cant thank you enough for this. Its just unbelievable stuff you are teaching us. Helps so much, thanks 🙂

Leon says:

This is amazing, thanks a lot!

School of Motion says:

You’re a mad genius David.

Mysterious MrX says:

I recognise the printer behind you and is that an octopus rift sensor on the desk? Great tutotrial.

SoulxSlayer Chan says:

i just love this guy (no homo)
he is so good at it <3

great work david !

Glider LP says:

the Jesus has risen! ty david!

Royce da Costa says:

I need same tutorial using Arnold for cinema please

Cemil Can Milyon says:

OMG! Awesome tut man, thank you so much

Gaming with TTfires says:

Can show us how u developed that city moon .. becoz I really want to know how u did it . That was good

Robin Mikalsen says:

Jesus left earth to be on Mars, god damn this was great!

Николай Фёдоров says:

Amazing tut as always! Keep on doing, David!..

Vassilis Panayiotou says:

This is absolutely amazing, thank you for doing this! Such a beatiful scene and tutorial.

saeid parvaneh says:

tnx man u are a truly savior

Diogo Guerreiro says:

Great tut as always! Thanks!!!

RichieMotion says:

David may you can tell us how u made these ice carvern from your last video? I think you made them with xparticles and maybe some cubes but I cant get that smooth look! btw congrats with this tut, its just a gem!

UlTroN says:

Nice tutorial dude this helps a lot for someone who like to learn landscape modeling

谢成龙 says:


//raidZer0 says:

i did a sex wee

Gufe Visuals says:

A little tip for making fog: if you guys have problem with fog and crashing you can put whole scene into null and change its size to 0.02 and than will default container be enough to cover whole area. And also cinema wont crash.

Heurt says:

thats incredible…. gonna try that..

Kris Hyde says:

if only i could afford octane now…. :thinking: Amazing tutorial and great resource description!

abu aysam says:

thanks bro very helpfull

Nxt Arts says:


jignesh ghelani says:

aowsome video

Jan Sladecko says:

Nice one David! Ur PC is a beast… so smooth performance. Bunch of cool tips.

maxstudiosalkesero says:

Thank you ! I was searching for a proper Sand/rocky tutorial for months 😀

TOP FIVE says:

Dave this was great, would love to see desert landscape next or what you’d be able to do with the Egyptian kit from Kitbash3d

adam says:

Great tutorial David! Was wondering about your PC specs if you can share?


Too much to learn, I’m happy just looking

Stephen Nicholas Tauro says:

Could David/EJ please make a tutorial on the same but without using Octane?? A lighting and texturing tutorial is more than enough since David has already gone through the modeling.

Travis Sattler says:

I’m so pumped to watch this!

ArgoBeats says:

What the hell, David! This was a life experience, not a tutorial, besides all so many useful tips and tricks, thank you so much!

Konrad Daroch says:

just what I needed <3

Graham Taylor says:

Fun fact: The Martian was actually filmed in Wadi Rum, which is a desert in Jordan.

Kevin Mora says:

i love you

Janoy 66 says:

Great tutorial man, hopefully I’ll be using some of these methods soon….
Relevant question, but do you think the RTX 2080ti is going to have a significant improvement from what the 1080ti is? The whole ray-tracing focus sounds like a plus for ‘content creators’ But not sure if it’s just Nvidia ‘HYPE.’ The reason I’m asking I’m in a 50/50 to purchase either the 1080ti or the RTX 2080ti.

Encore 4K says:

Never miss any of David’s tuts.

luis gonzalez says:

Thank you very mucho for share

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