Cinema 4D Tutorial – Create Balloons Using Cloth Dynamics

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to quickly and easily create & texture mylar balloons using the Cloth Engine & Vertex Maps in Cinema 4D!

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Using Cloth to Create Mylar Balloons Tutorial Topics Include:
• Using the Extrude Object to create basic balloon geometry
• Learning about Cloth and how to use the Dresser options to create balloon seams
• Discovering the Dress-O-Matic and it’s functions
• Learning about Vertex Maps and how to use them as a mask
• Using Texture Mode to adjust and scale textures
• Fine tuning Vertex Maps by going over Vertex Painting tools
• Creating a reflective mylar balloon texture
• Tips for creating the nicest looking balloons

If you have any questions about using Cloth for creating mylar balloons, be sure to post it in the comments section! If you create anything using this technique, be sure to share it with me on Twitter or in the Comments! Thanks for watching!

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陈蓝 says:

awesome !so many great tips .thank you so much!

868craig says:

I’ve been trying this. Instead of a shape, I used a letter “E”. After hitting dress-o-matic, my balloon becomes extremely deformed, as though some air has been lost. This happens no matter the letter size or extrude width. Any possible solutions/work arounds? It works fine with shapes otherwise.

Zach Westerman says:

Great tutorial! I tried this concept with numbers and ran into some problems — can someone help?

I’m trying to make the number “10” in balloon letters, the zero works out fine, but as for the “1” as soon as I make it editable, I loose all my subdivided polygons along the edges.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Didiet15 says:

Thanks dude! You’re life saver 🙂

jcspotlight says:

Hello Master!!!… Thank you for your amaaazing tutorials, you’re making us a little bit better!.. Two simple questions:
1. I can not see the Bump material applied to my viewport in real time as you had it (I already tried all the display options in the viewport upper bar)… I’m using R17, but I can not see any modification until I render it… So it is taking a century to me… any idea Why?
2. If my ballon is not a uniform object (like your cylinder/sphere) how can I apply the texture properly? I mean, you used Spherical projection, but in a shape like an “R” for example, there is not a center, how can I project that bump texture?

Daphne N says:

Help, I can’t select any polygons after making the circle editable. The only way is to make the extrude editable, but than my circle disappears

Вячеслав Ковалев says:

Please make a tutorial about Cinema’s cloth system and cloth simulations. Like I imagine that it can do a lot of Marvelous Designer stuff, but it’s hard to understand how.

Katie McLachlan says:

what if you do not have the greyscalegorilla plug in?

Heinz Fiction says:

thank you for that tutorial, ej! great work 🙂
best, gregor

Multi4nick8 says:

No, u suck my edge! great job man! 😀

temperementalartist says:

You are amazing. Your videos are the best. Your tutorials inspired me to start learning 3d 🙂 Looking forward to more videos from you~

Youcef Kalache says:


Zoloft says:


Dina Salama says:

love your tutorials! very informative. Thank you!

云池 says:

Thank you so much for sharing !How can I use this method better for character images?

Joses Israel says:

This is a really great tutorial! I tried doing this technique with a letter but it didn’t work out. Any tips? Thank you and I love your stuff!

Bruno Lima says:

I don´t had the plug in HDRI from Gorilla please, there is another way ?

Ruiben Wong says:

thanks a lot!

Chulala Channel says:

you’re like santa, but better because you’re real.

Mardi Mars says:

You rock homeboy

Jerome Aanand says:

what is ur system configuration bro ?

Tresvampiros says:

Amazing tut: clear, fun, useful. How would you make a mylar balloon out of some lips for example, or an object that has extra seams right across it? Thanks again!

alexdesignovich says:

Is it possible to animate dress-o-matic?

Ross Leeson says:

Im tryng to make a heart shaped balloon but it looks awful its all miss shapen any ideas ?

Jungmin Ryu says:

Where can I get HDR studio plugin?

andrearusky says:

very cool tutorial! thanks man!
P.S. on the reflection channel for the balloon, I would add some fresnel 😉

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