Cinema 4D Tutorial – Create Digital Nature Renders Using Octane [Part 1]

In this multi-part Cinema 4D Octane tutorial series, David will show you how to set up Forester trees and grass with shaders that are both transmissive and glossy, and dial in grass patch settings and random color node for more variation, as well as using vertex maps and procedural noises to create dead zones, and filling those areas with real displacement textures for soil and rocks. See below for Forester & displacement map links!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Helpful Links David mentioned:
Real Displacement Textures:

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Using Octane Displacement for Amazing Abstract Renders in Cinema 4D:

Plastic Vinyl Toy Textures in Octane Render:

David’s List of Essential Octane Resources:

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Aleksa Prtenjača says:

CAN’T WAIT FOR PART 2, Really nice!!!

gregkrazanski says:

david ariev is lovable

mark creaghan says:

Once again, DA doing the do. On the money as always. I like the way you use Forrester, I have been bumbling around with it for a few months when I have the time. To see you rinse it out saves me a lot trial and error, I have a bunch of 4×4 car clients that are all about the outdoor scenes, this is really valuable for me and can’t wait for part 2. Thanks.

tokyomegaplex says:

sick tutorial, im really trying to prevent myself from impulse buying forester now thanks a lot!

tony zagoraios says:

Always interesting infos!!

Glyn Dyer says:

“God is in the detail”…..

Peach Kittisowan says:

you are the best instructor man, Cheers!!!!

wrenthereaper says:

I don’t even use C4D and this is a worthwhile tutorial to watch. A+ job, Sir Jesus-man!

Roman Yuferev says:


TheRyDesigns says:

Real awesome stuff! Keep up the great work!

Paul Atréïdes says:

thank you for your tutorials man

Shannon Wilkerson says:

You Rock David! Thank you for this.

Krishanu Deka says:

WOW..this is next level …awesome tutorial..

Graeme Smillie says:

Such a helpful tutorial, thanks for making this one. I tried using cloner before and it kept crashing so this makes a lot of sense. That’s my easter sorted now! Have a good one.

Bien Pham says:

Thanks for this video, David. I’ve been trying to learn this all on my own using Forester’s videos, but it’s been a crawl. This speeds my process up tremendously.

Glider LP says:

another awesome tutorial by the OJ himself. thx david!

troystoons says:

Any way to achieve this with Forester + Physical Render or do I just need to bite the bullet on Octane?

Encore 4K says:

David’s tutorials are so precious, every second has a tip or a new thing to learn. Really appreciated.

Mohammed Kedir says:

You are Awesome!! pls Part2

Olivier Ffrench says:

Nice tutorial. You did not mention XFrog or ThePlantFactory for plants, have you ever looked at these? Also, check out the 3d ground plants from Megascans, they work well in C4d/Octane and are more realistic than pretty much anything else.

Zhaohao Zhang says:

wow, amazing!!! Thank you so much, David!

Dawit Yilma says:

Pls upload z next video as soon as possible!!!!!

FasTuts says:

It’s mograph Jesus!

eonblue46 says:

Woah! I follow you on instagram and have been waiting for this tutorial, but didn’t realize it was you on here until after I had finished watching. neat. Can’t wait for part two! I do have a technical question though. For high poly scenes like this – isn’t the Vram of your least powerful card the total Vram that octane can use? Like 4 1080ti’s doesn’t let you go above 11gb Vram right? It just helps render faster?

Miguel Gamer says:

When is the secound part going to be out?

ArgoBeats says:

hehehe 25:18… an other top-notch tutorial from Godctane, thank you Dave! At 28:00 you can even keep that Gradient, change its mode to Complex and instead than the 2 colors input the 2 (or even more) slightly different Image Textures.

Villanosam Oficial says:

Thank you so much bro! Your the bomb!!! Boom!!!!! lol

Nicola Pezzoli says:

Great tutorial! 😉 Why am I getting no texture with Forester? When I load a tree or grass from library it has no texture on it 🙁

Shehan Maduranga says:

Dude Your Super Cool..thank you so soo much for this amazing tutorial!!!!!

Dario says:

Dude I love your Videos. There is no other YouTuber that does so good Octane Tutorials

Max says:

Amazing tutorial thanks.

Kwang Kim says:


Slobbo Video says:

Dammit, I’m still torn. Should I get Redshift + Xparticles and use RsProxy to create this scene, or should I just get octane and use the octane scatter? Only problem with Octane is I have to have my own goddamn render farm to render high res scenes, and I don’t have the means to buy the currently overpriced GPUs. Oh and really great tutorials by the way, I always wonder how the professionals do these kind of scene.

Ridvan Maloku says:

Amazing tutorial! Keep it up guys!

Michael Guido says:

Thank you so much for selling me Forester. lol. This is amazing

JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hii sweet page ☺ Keep it up!

Reega Chan says:

Very nice tutorial!Thank you David!

Nicola Caldognetto says:

This tutorial is unbelievable! Thanks a lot

The Gold Dr4g0n says:

I come everyday to see the part 2 haha :p Im really in love with this tutorial, really good job !!

Denis Triton says:

Damn! Octane again…

wiz _0_Moz says:

Is Forester free for C4D student ?

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