Cinema 4D Tutorial – Creating Abstract Topographic Renders with Octane Scatter

In this Cinema 4D Octane Render tutorial, David Ariew ( will show you how to create beautiful abstract topographic renders using scatter, as well as how to use adaptive sampling to dramatically speed up your renders, and how to create anamorphic bokeh for a cinematic look.

Expand your Octane Scatter knowledge:

Using Octane Displacement for Amazing Abstract Renders in Cinema 4D:

Create Abstract Topographic Elements Using Sketch & Toon in Cinema 4D:

Creating Abstract HUD Elements Using Shader Effector:

Helpful Links David mentioned:

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Five 31 says:

Can we get this in an ultra-wide format +David Ariew? 😉

Pz Panda says:

Love thes guys lmao

zKMotion says:

Octane Scatter 02:57
Octane Material Creation 07:54
Octane Camera Bokeh 27:25
Octane Adaptive Sampling 31:50

BetterBefore2000 says:

Preliked !

Xaqq DeRipper says:

i just cant seem to get the glean that you get off of glossy objects. I’m using octane for cinema 4d with the octane VR combo supscription pack. Am i missing render features if i dont get the full standalone?

Master Roshi says:

How much is octane if you want it forever

Oxatium says:

Is this possible without octane?

ArgoBeats says:

Da Vid Da Vid!

rockaFORCE says:

I want a Million instances of this tutorial!

Glider LP says:

TY Octane jesus! the scatter generator in octane is amazing

Glider LP says:

David, any planes for a tutorial on Octane with forester?

John Paul Francisco says:

Awesome as always! You guys are great! Inspires me to be an Octane believer again.

M Z says:

Your GPU is melting.

jeffhaf1 says:

This was fun following along with Maya and Vray.

Łukasz Kondek says:

Brilliant tutorial, as always I’ve learned something new form David 🙂

Mac Midey says:

Thank u for the tutorial 😀


Would be awesome if the hurrican was animated 😀

Pedro Ramos says:

Thanks for the tut, David. Really good work!

Tsoonot says:

My computer will commite suicide if i try this :/
can you make an animation out of this?

Hieran Chauhan says:

Great to see David back again. Look forward to seeing more Octane goodness. 🙂

Chris Crocker says:

Off topic question for David about hair with Octane. I’ve tried many ways but can’t seem to figure out how to apply a linear gradient color to hair if I want the root to be one color and the tip to be another. The only thing that’s gotten me close is using Falloff, but that doesn’t seem to give it the true effect.

Any suggestions?

Also, good tutorial. Thanks man.

Ahmed shakib says:

Hey David , I recently saw your NAB 2017 and the astronaut video.I wanted to know if all of it was done in c4d,I was blown away by the quality and the scale of the scenes(lighting ,framing .etc) reminded me of 2001: Space odyssey.Keep up the great work, your certainly one to watch for in the future.

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