Cinema 4D Tutorial – Creating Cloth Inflation Simulations

In this Cinema 4D tutorial I’m going to show you how create cloth inflation simulations to create cool, abstract 3D art, as well as inflated logos & text, and pillows!

How to Loop Cloth Cinema 4D Tutorial –

Inflate or Deflate Objects Using Softbody Dynamics -

Creating Balloons Using Cloth in Cinema 4D –

02:28 – Intro to Cloth
05:20 – Most Important Cloth Setting for Inflation Effect
08:31 – Other Cloth Settings
12:50 – Creating Abstract Cloth Simulation
25:18 – Inflated Cloth Text Balloons
34:45 – Creating Pillows
40:07 – Using Sculpting Tools for Fine Tuning Cloth
41:25 – Recap

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:
In this Cinema 4D tutorial, EJ Hassenfratz shows you how to create cloth inflation simulations in Cinema 4D! This tutorial is for any level of Cinema 4D user and is specifically for Cinema 4D R20 users.

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FX MAN says:

Dude! thanks for making this tutorial, you’ve helped me a lot to learn Cinema4D. Your tutorials are really informative. Thanks a lot!
PS; your narration is fun af and you make the overall learning experience amazing!

Janne Wolterbeek says:

…..and little by little he went insane. lol. great tut, thanks!

ОЛЬГА Пичугина says:

You have a good lesson about a fish tank. Could you date to link to it? Thank you in advance, Olga!

Lori Hamasaki says:

I’m literally right in the middle of a C4D inflated cloth sim that looks like yours! Can’t wait to watch:)

Tatenda Chirambwe says:

This is a great tutorial!! Looking forward to more of these. Learnt a lot, thanks!!!

谭培富 says:

Mac Os??octane?Hackintosh?

Anny Singh says:

Make some vfx thing with c4d

MES says:

That was awesome! Thanks!

Pedro Gordinho says:

I couldn’t stop smiling during the tutorial 🙂
The inflating thing is so cool.
Thanks for the tutorial.

Wandell Sousa says:

Opa, aguardando *-* #brazil

FX MAN says:

1:05 he knew the egg before it was famous

Nicholas Ferreira says:

Hey EJ! I’ve been seeing a lot of videos on YouTube with the premier annaucement, is there a specific reason for that? I’m just curious. Keep up with the awesome tuts!

Baris Oktem says:

Thank you 🙂

Roman Yuferev says:

great tutorial!

Yes Captain says:

nice one mate

Gareth de Nobrega says:

Great tutorial as always. 😀

Braulio Domínguez Godoy says:


alich says:

Please please please keep this as a video and not just a live stream. Some of us have to sleep

corel key Cinema 4D Tutorial says:

Very nice tutorial, love it

Matthias Klepeisz says:

this tutorial blew my mind! learned so much!

ko k says:


ANDY says:

Thanks man !

Farhad Ahmed says:


Skinshrink says:

This was a great tutorial

Lukáš Kus says:

fantastic tutorial, thanks!

kabeltelevizio says:

honestly, not a big fan of this premiere feature….

Roger Kilimanjaro says:

Looks stunning! thanks for sharing.

Jeremy Weichsel says:

Great vid.
BTW, the opposite of attraction would be Repulsion. 🙂

Rabar Erkan says:


Killan 3D says:


V H S says:

I needed this, thank you SO much!

Menatoorus Menatoor says:

The Master is back.

plush puke says:

Great stuff! Thank you!

John Paul Francisco says:

Make cloth great again! Fun tutorial 40 mins just flew by! 2 people don’t want to fix it on post. hehe 😛

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