Cinema 4D Tutorial – Creating Plastic Shrink Wrap Animations Using Cloth

In this #Cinema4D tutorial, EJ is going to show you how to create a plastic shrink wrap animation using cloth dynamics to make abstract 3D art! Download Project Files:

Creating Cloth Inflation Simulations in Cinema 4D-

How to Loop #Cloth Cinema 4D Tutorial –

Inflate or Deflate Objects Using Softbody Dynamics -

02:43 – Intro to #C4D Cloth
04:04 – Editing Cloth Settings
06:04 – Important Cloth Settings for Shrink Wrap Effect
11:45 – Using Attractor Force
12:52 – Choosing Correct Cloth Size Setting for Shrink Wrap
15:39 – Preventing Objects from Intersecting Cloth
18:12 – Applying Transparent Plastic Material Using Octane
19:11 – Adding Thickness to Cloth
20:50 – Creating Transparent Plastic Material With Standard Render
22:20 – Recap

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:
In this Cinema 4D tutorial, EJ Hassenfratz shows you how to create plastic shrink wrap simulations using cloth dynamics in Cinema 4D! This tutorial is for any level of Cinema 4D user.

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Rico surya says:

i realized that you’re on a mac, and yet you have that GTX 1080 running and an octane render. what a set up. i was looking for it but never found any tutorial about using external GPU on an imac. I always watch your tutorial simply because the explanation is very clear. i watched all those tutorials but when it comes to rendering it always end up using octane. i wanna learn octane so bad ,but again i’m on imac with Radeon.

Souhayl A Photographer says:

good video !

andrearusky says:

great stuff as usual EJ !!! How can you use Octane on the mac?

Artwerkz says:


Yue Wu says:

very helpful. can you do a tutorial about something like bubble wrap?

DigitalCreations2012 says:

I was attracted to this because EJ used it. I’m trying to adapt it to real life in forming new relationships. Did i mention it was a great tutorial.

Klicaj Agencija says:

Again amazing tut, man! Also love your color palettes!

michto animations says:

really cool, man. watching you from France , love your job

Maxim Zavrazin says:


Darwin Rada says:

A great tutorial like always.

jaydekaytv says:

No time to watch now but looks great, EJ! Keep up the great work – best wishes!

Brian Struble says:

Great tutorial as always! My question is this – I’ve added two moText objects into my demo scene, but they’re rendering almost black with some lights in my Octane live view window. Any suggestions on how to keep the objects underneath the shrink wrap from going dark? Thx!

Lokesh JB says:

Was just wondering how to go about it for a render today! Thank you for this EJ!

Thomas Hovgaard says:

How about some advanced hard surface modeling.

Господин Хороший says:

Hi, EJ. Good tutorial! What’s your computer with a GTX 1080 (+octane) video card and all this on MacOs???

Kay Moon says:

I wish there will be a tutorial next time, about how to make pom pom from cheeleader. please.

Nathatham Rojanusorn says:

I love you!!! Thank you very much!

- Stiegosaurus - says:

Ya know, you should really build yourself a nice PC/Windows machine and get rid of that Mac 😛 Thanks for the tutorial!

Дмитрий Петухов says:

You are the best! Love from Russia

IDMOJ says:

Holy Shoot, dope technique man. Thank you.
Also just completed your YUM Tutorial (Walking Through Fields: Using Fields with Volumes
), I do think you should work more often with Cinversity.

wilco says:

Very Nice tut EJ! Q: Do u think Octane is better than Arnold or Redshift? I mean, i saw u did prepare a light o GI scene, that´s right?

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