Cinema 4D Tutorial – Creating Soft Body Dynamic Strings

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to creating dynamic springs using an often overlooked feature inside of Cinema 4D’s Soft Body Dynamics!

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Creating Soft Body Dynamic Strings in Cinema 4D Topics Include:
• Introduction to the Soft Body Dynamics ‘Made of Clones’ option
• Setting up an Emitter to Emit Soft Body Dynamic Clones
• How to use a Tracer Object to create spline dynamic type simulations
• Tips for adjusting Soft Body Dynamic settings for different string viscosity
• Exploring the Dynamics ‘Expert’ tab to create more accurate sims
• Creating Sweep Objects to generate string geometry

Be sure to check out this awesome Nike Air Max 2017 piece done using Houdini ( that inspired me to try to figure out how to create the dynamic strings in Cinema 4D!

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Chulala Channel says:

your brain is so big i’m jealous 😉

Vladimir Poutine says:

Dammit I have broadcast 🙁

Peter BC says:

Niiiiice! I have tried to make this for some time now, this is a very interesting way of doing it. I will go play with this!!!

John Macdonald says: made this after watching another one of your great tutorials…

azfiu says:

i have rest length at 1% and size increment at like 25%, steps per frame at 100 and max solver iterations per step at freaking 200 and they’re still intersecting like crazy. i dont understand. i think a ‘subscribe to email list’ in exchange for project download would help out helpless noobs like me and easily boost your following at the same time



jojolafrite90 says:

That is basically how plugins like realflow are done.

김기훈 says:

nice tutorial!! I expect another tutorial^.^


one of the best

Karthick Rajendran says:

Great tutorial! I’ve learnt Maya but i’m relatively new to C4D. I guess i understood all the soft body dynamics parts but how do i render that with the exact shading/lighting. DO i need to get plugins?

Randius Jones says:

In some cineversity i so tutor like this but, spagetti was fall from tracer from particle, not from sphere, and this was ugly beacose tracer cant smooth random from particle. Snks for the sphere:)

Cordyceps says:

This was so much fun, had no idea C4D could do this?!

vincent schwenk says:

very nice!

Andrew Hopper says:

Hey once again thankyou for a great tutorial. Any idea how I could recreate this with xparticles? I tried cloning the object onto an xparticles emitter but with no luck.

Ivan Sakantsau says:

This is just Awesome !!! thank you !!!!

Red Button says:


Viktoriya Sharafutdinova says:

Hi!I am an aspiring designer and just learning to work in 3D graphics.You help me a lot! thank you very much))

weswally1 says:

This cloner needs to eat more vegetables!

kiran coolstar says:

how to get that look in thumbnail :/ why no one(tutorial guys) doing like that, pls show final rendering dont leave like that pls

M.G. Lötter says:

Hi EJ, wow thanks for this great tut!! I was playing around with making a rectangular ”tube” – using cubes in the cloner and a square in the sweep, but when I emit, the cubes don’t fall down they just stack on top of each other, your help would be greatly appreciated!

XNosc0peRangerX says:

How can I hide the Sphere in the rendering video?

Rob Robin says:

Perfect tutorial! Thanks! Do you have some tips how to get it like more the quality of a sauce instead of a paste? Thanks a lot!!

David Miranda says:

Hi, excellent tutorial, many thanks!
I have a question: When I try to use 2 or more flows they just explode, how can I control them? I see in your file 0:35 that you have in null groups, flow, flow.1 and flow.2.
Thank you again!

Killan 3D says:

Hello Sir, I am new on c4d and very confused about how i should get the final rendering ? (colours). Any tips ? or a video that would help with it ! Anyways, thanks for this very clever tut!!

kun alan says:

excellent !!!Can i share your video to some chinese video webside?Because they can’t visit youtube in china…

hfjgkghhgk says:

Great tutorial! I would like to know if there is a way to be 100% sure that the spaghetti won’t overlap with itself. I’m trying to do a sketch and toon rendering and the outlines don’t show up where its overlapping. Any advice? Thanks a lot for the tutorial, ypu earned a sub 🙂

Neil says:

EJ! Excellent tutorial, per usual. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned, it’s greatly appreciated!

Ricardo Paula says:

Perfect. Master . Thank you

NonStop Fails says:

Bro, you look just like the dude on Silicon Valley lol. I was wondering why you looked so familiar.

Outlaws Arts says:

Hey there I’ve tried to make this and I’ve followed all the steps but the string is not properly colliding off each other its just merging trough each other

MindOfLJ says:


Vanessa Kirsch says:

This just helped me a lot in executing an idea. Good job and well explained. Thank you!

Insomniac says:

Thanks so much, fantastic tutorial. Your tuts help so much man.

Simone Nunziato says:

Is there a way to fix the UV on the sweep? If you add a material with a texture the direction breaks and not sure is there a way to fix that, do you have any suggestion?

Stefpicx says:

Very nice. i love your canal

Ayde Pérez Mendoza says:

¿Como hiciste el fondo rosa?

Loris Ravera says:


Ko John says:

Thanks! I am feeling 27 today lol

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