Cinema 4D Tutorial – Creative Ways to Use Voronoi Fracture

Learn creative ways to utilize the Cinema 4D Voronoi Fracture to create complex looking abstract artwork in Cinema 4D! It’s not just for breakin’ stuff!

Fracturing with Time Effector in Cinema 4D:

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:
In this Cinema 4D tutorial, EJ Hassenfratz shows you how creative uses for utilizing the powerful Voronoi Fracture object in C4D as well as some handy tips for using effectors! This tutorial is for beginner and advanced users, and those familiar with the Mograph Module.

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Sergio says:

Could you do this on a rigged character?

Ivan Isakovic says:

Your tutorials never disappoint. Amazing, thank you!

John Paul Francisco says:

Awesome tutorial as always! Thank you. Falloff weight tip is pretty cool.

Artur Gustavo says:

muito bom mesmo!!! parabéns e obrigado por compartilhar!!!

Rick Sanchez says:

thanks for the tutorial 🙂 for some reason my PBR-light still lights the Cyc at 22:09 even tho I excluded the cyc in the projects-tab

3dmonkeybizz says:

I bet there are developers at Maxon who are shaking their heads and saying… ” why the hell didn’t we think of that”!!! 🙂

Shahid gire says:

Very good idea!! Love it…
waiting octane tutorials

A. Vllasaliu says:

i did a similar one but only with a spline projection

3dmonkeybizz says:

Can someone tell me how I would make the slices of this model x-particle collision objects? Not as one full head shape but as individual slices of the head with the gaps in between????????

Motion Designers Community says:

Thanks EJ <3

Drew Nix says:

Great job dude! I always learn tons when watching ur tuts. Very artistic. Keep it up. I need r19.

Andrea Avino says:

and… cool!

Maxim Fedotov says:

Nice one! Gonna use this technique

Piotr Wróblewski says:

EJ as usual: The Boss!

Mark Elliot says:

AWESOME! Great how about showing how to have a character go from walk to run to jump to walk using Mixamo animations in Cinema 4d? ty

Max Triet says:

Thanks a lot!!! Btw it pronounced as “waranOy” since it’s a russian second name in this case 😉

Игорь Бессонов says:

Nice! Thank You!

muratz1 says:

This channel has the best c4d tutorials on youtube. You can learn a lot of cool and special things inside those making of steps. Go guy!

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