Cinema 4D Tutorial – Essential Futuristic HUD Element Design & Animation Tips

Learn essential tips to design and animate futuristic HUD elements in Cinema 4D!

Watch how to use the Shader Effector to Create HUD Elements –

Creating the Ghost in the Shell HUD Effect with Cinema 4D Sketch & Toon –

Learn how to create Elevation Map HUD Elements in Cinema 4D –

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What You’ll Learn in This Video:
In this Cinema 4D tutorial, EJ Hassenfratz shows how you can procedurally create futuristic HUD elements that allow for keyframeless animation and quick iteration workflows to create unique HUD elements with a click of a button. This tutorial is jam packed full of helpful workflow tips and is perfect for viewers who are just learning or experienced in using the Mogragh Module.

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always good to watch 🙂 thanks a lot!

Corey Calloway says:

Man this is one of the best tuts ever. Kudos man! Very helpful.


great love to get more tutorials on HUD ELEMENTS in cinema4d and also how to do more news type of glass animations in octane

Shannon Wilkerson says:

Sweet man thanks again.

Oziee says:

You’re almost 50K, congrats my man! You deserve much more.

Ahmed shakib says:

Lovely tutorial mate.I have seen some of your old tutorials and they are a gem , the toon shaders ,have you ever tried to create a studio Ghibli render?.

kasber kasber says:

من رخصتك نزلنه مشروع اخباري

Tony Lemont says:

Good stuff sir. Thank you for sharing.

Opus Cats says:

man, how do you only have 49k subs?! you should atleast have like 500k!

ОЛЬГА Пичугина says:

Yes it needs to be done every day. I also have fear, when I open the program I’m in a panic-what and where to start? But I’ll still learn this program, because I like Cinema 4D

Tryptamine Dream says:

Can somebody tell me a decent computer that would run C4D smoothly? I have c4d on my macbook and it lags all the time. I’m looking to get a good rendering software but not until i can work with C4D without it freezing on me.

Zyleth says:

Exactly what I needed. Hands down best C4D tutorial channel, you have helped me so much.

wretepstube says:

three thumbs up for liking this tutorial!!!

BetterBefore2000 says:

So much precious knowledge packed in 47 min ! Thanks so much EJ !

Guai A says:

My favorite C4D’s tuts channels! very useful,Thank u so much!

Samuel Radue says:

I have seen a few HUD design Tuts. What is the industry application of a HUD?

King Justice Ake Dem says:

I love your teachings. you are helping us so much. I want to be cinema 4d specialist i need more to learn. thanks very much for helping us

Itz Na'va says:

Hii!! all your tuts are amazing <3 I've learned SO much... I wondering if you would know why when I'm adding the circle on the "Spline" effector my little pieces are not aligning to it. They just keep linear. Thank you again!


Hands down to one of my top 3 C4D’s tutorial channels on youtube

David Durà says:

Thank you sooo much EJ! Been waiting for this for a while! 😀

Naughty Girl says:

Your pug looks like koala.. 😀 No offence

dead strike says:

at the start

Hieran Chauhan says:

Im so impatient butttt….. When is the next Octane tutorial from David?

kasber kasber says:

please explain tutorial about broadcast news

L H says:

Awesome tut man. Jam packed with info! Keep em coming.

Muhammad Mujtahid says:

Your tutorials are great…i have a question.. Will you make animated movie style character modeling, rigging and animation tutorials???

Waiting for your reply 🙂

dead strike says:

you had in front of your door a happy dog

Stories behind the eye says:

Yes! Finally! That good sci-fi

Arthur Manyenya says:

Wow EJ that is awesome…. it saves much times then trying it in after effects…. I am forever grateful for sharing

Pedro Gordinho says:

You have Frank the Pug over at your place. 🙂

Max Haller says:

Freaking awesome! Thanks man!

Edgard Cuallo says:

Master, thanks for sharing your knowledge with a young Padawan.

Wil Thirion says:

Thanks so much!

Pedro Gordinho says:

The shader with the circle is pretty cool.
Thank you.

Zoli says:

This was useful for me! Thanks!



Splash Seven says:

Have to say one of the best and most useful tutorials I’ve seen. Like your stuff on GSG too. Thanks!

Odion Tobi says:

My HERO has saved me again.. THUMBS Up eyedesyn

Thomas Waller says:

I feel like it is easier to make HUD Displays in C4D than in AE.

Ryhan Resleff says:

Nice pacifier! Sorry, couldn’t help it, I’m a new dad.

Hen Papirman says:

Thank you for that, looks awesome though ur tuts always make me feel like “I know nothing”, how will I remember that?” what am I doing here?” haha, with that saying, again, thanks.

Dante Metaphor says:

this is amazing, i have been searching for something like this for quite a while now to no avail. thanks

Wes CREAM says:

Always picking up some little tips and tricks from your tuts, supercool as usual this one!

Temel Yasar says:

Thanks a lot. Great tutorial.

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