Cinema 4D Tutorial – How To Get Free Animated Characters

I wanted to make this video as a base for my upcoming tutorials on this channel.

I will release an awesome video next week with a dancing character and you don’t wanna miss that so be sure to subscribe to my channel!

Music: Kinsmen – AllttA


Contact Moodpeak says:

Tjena! Har du något mail man kan nå dig på?

GamingSpaceboy says:

Er du Norsk?

AleX6X says:

слишком просто 🙂
его тело не имеет динамики и самоотталкивания и оптимизация слабая

jack ran says:

thanks bro

Chill Empire says:

When’s the trapmusichdtv tutorial coming 🙂

Kalle Bowo says:

Thank you soooo much for this video, that’s exactly what I was looking for! So handy!

bxnjaskimo says:

haha, hörde på din engleska att du är svensk xD 😀

Denis Z says:

i didnt move my character. when i move its passing old position. why?

Daniel Chris Awuku says:

God bless You Shaped Studios.

DAVID says:

how can u make the character start at a t pose then start the mixamo animation?

Geek Flow says:


Tin creative #crazy Dk says:


Rafapyx says:

Teaches more thing with trapcode Tao

Itz_Goldfish says:


Daniil Fetisov says:

ty alot

Nebulous FilmZ says:

Thanks dude! This was so helpfull, but can i put my own models on these animations? And is there a way so lets say a sword model keeps being in the characters hand, when it’s animated and moving?

熊启民 says:

hello!why i cannot download the skin?I just can download the read skin without monster or the police.

Rombout Versluijs says:

Hi man, do you know tricks to prevent the weird folding elbows or other joints? Or do we need to redo the weightpaint then?

Senchi says:

I cant find any animation with skin

BlueDragon Music Promotions says:

you should do more like these o.o

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